Getting your teeth fixed can be life-changing. Imagine looking in the mirror and loving your smile, instead of noticing all the things you don’t like about it. That’s the experience that 10 Korean celebrities enjoyed when they decided to go ahead and get their teeth fixed. Find out how each of their smiles changed!

1. Big Bang Daesung

Big Bang Daesung once had severely crooked lower teeth, and his top teeth were a bit askew as well. Two of them were set so far back you could barely see them when he smiled. Today, the singer’s beautiful smile is simply stunning.

2. Baek Ah Yeon

The South Korean singer-songwriter once sported a slanting smile. Now, her teeth look amazing, and she even scored a cover on Elle magazine.

3. Big Bang T.O.P

Before he had corrective work done on his teeth, Big Bang T.O.P had some skewed lower teeth, as well as one snaggletooth that jutted out in front of the others.

4. f(x) Krystal

This actress and singer had a charmingly quirky smile, but eventually she decided to correct her crooked teeth and oversized front teeth. Now she sports a lovely symmetrical smile, just right for her face.

5. TVXQ Yunho

The handsome singer and actor is proud of his looks, but one part of his body did undergo some work— his teeth. Instead of his former smile, which included some receding top teeth and overly pointy canines, he now flashes fans a sparkling white, super-straight grin.

6. Kim Taeyeon

Singer Taeyeon’s teeth were not overly crooked, but she still took steps to improve her smile. Her dazzling white rows of perfect teeth are just one of many things that fans love about her.

7. Block B P.O.

Singer Block B P.O. had his problematic front teeth shaved down. The porcelain laminates that now cover those original teeth are picture-perfect.

8. CL

Lee Chae-rin, or CL, is a South Korean rapper and songwriter whose image was marred by crooked bottom teeth. Beautiful in spite of the crooked smile, CL continues to show off her unique style; and judging from recent photos, she’s probably had some dental work done.

9. Jessica Jung

Korean star Jessica Jung had terribly crooked teeth as a young girl. Fortunately, she was able to have her smile makeover done before launching her multi-faceted career as a songwriter, singer, fashion designer, model, and actress.

10. Hara

The charming Hara used to have an unpleasant smile that distracted from her talents as a singer and actress. Today, her straight white teeth suit her face to perfection.

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