3 Smile Makeover Packages that are worth investing in

Sometimes, a special event in your life gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself a little more than usual. You want to present your best self to others; and since people tend to notice a smile first when they meet someone, your teeth are a great place to start. Check out three special packages, designed by aesthetic dental clinic – Orchard Scotts Dental to serve people who are experiencing new opportunities and fresh phases of life.

The Wedding Plan

Smile Makeover Wedding Package

Your wedding is happening soon, and you want to look your best for your bride or groom! Plus, you’ll be getting married in front of friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbours, and you want to feel confident and attractive on that special day. The wedding plan from Orchard Scotts Dental features treatments to help your smile shine.

First of all, we begin with Invisalign treatment. You’ll want to get started with Invisalign as soon as possible after your engagement, since it may take several months or more to achieve the perfect, straight smile. Then you can have your teeth whitened as the final touch for your smile makeover.

Learn more about the Wedding Plan here.

The Student Package

Smile Makeover Student Package

Students from age 8 through age 18 have a world of new experiences ahead of them. Help them face those fresh challenges and possibilities with a smile that is both bright and healthy. Our student package includes invisible braces from the Invisalign system, one of the top orthodontic choices in the world.

As an Invisalign Singapore provider, our dental clinic in Singapore carries top-of-the-line equipment to help us design your treatment plan and show you a 3D image of the smile your kid will have by the end of the process. Contact us to ask about the student package and to find out more about rates and options.

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The Cabin Crew Package

As the face of the any airline, cabin crew are expected to take their personal presentation with the utmost importance and to always greet passengers with a beautiful and warm smile to make them feel welcome and put them at ease. Our Cabin Crew package is a special program designed for flight attendants, pilots, and others who serve on airlines coming to and going from Singapore. We serve local residents as well as international travellers, and we’re happy to offer this smile makeover services package especially for you.

Learn more about our Cabin Crew Package here.

Smile Makeover Cabin Crew Package

Studies show that a smile is one of the most noticeable and memorable features of a person’s face. By correcting your teeth with Invisalign, filling gaps with dental implants, or choosing porcelain veneers in Singapore, you can gain the professional appearance and the confidence you need to succeed in your industry. Get in touch with our team at Orchard Scotts Dental to schedule assessments and discover treatment package options for the entire crew.

To discuss any of these smile makeover packages or to ask any questions, call us at +65 6732 9939, send a message through our website, or stop by our beautiful offices to speak with a patient care representative.

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