Maybe you never had braces, and you’ve been living with a smile you have been dissatisfied with your whole life. Perhaps you had braces as a teen, but your teeth have turned traitor and moved into new crooked positions. Forget sets of metal train tracks running along your upper and lower teeth— as an adult in 2017, you have other options when it comes to fixing your smile. Find out 5 ways that Invisalign is ideal for adults.

#1. Professional Poise

Who wants to stand up in a board meeting and smile with a mouth full of metal? Mentally, most of us connect the image of someone with braces to the teenage years. Teenagers are notorious for rebellion, lack of responsibility, lack of experience, and other unfortunate stereotypes. Whether fair or unfair, an adult with braces is often regarded as less experienced, less professional, and less capable. Thankfully, with Invisalign, adults can correct their teeth and maintain their professional status at the same time.

#2. Cleanliness

Chewing food with braces is no fun. After every meal, a wearer of braces has to head for the bathroom and spend time painstakingly picking chunks of soggy food out of the brackets and wires. An Invisalign user simply pops out the trays before the meal and puts them in a safe case. After eating, the Invisalign patient does a thorough brushing and flossing— no wires or brackets to work around. Then the freshly rinsed trays go back into a clean mouth. It’s just one of many reasons why you— and your Singapore dentist— prefer Invisalign over braces.

#3. Less Pain

Several studies have compared the pain that Invisalign wearers feel compared to that of patients with traditional braces. Every study reveals a difference in comfort levels. In nearly every case, the Invisalign patients experience much less discomfort than their braces-wearing counterparts. There is still some pain after every new set of trays is inserted, but the amount of pain is comparatively low.

#4. Love Life

Adults typically have a more active love life than teenagers. Rather than worrying about kissing someone with a mouth full of metal braces, adults with Invisalign can simply remove the aligners during dinner and drinks, or during other intimate activities.

#5. Lasting Results

Remember when you were a teen and you complained about every adjustment to your braces? Remember when you refused to wear your retainer like you were supposed to? Now you’re an adult, and you’re paying for your treatment out of your own pocket. You have more years of life behind you and a greater appreciation of money and image. You’ve got more persistence and dedication now than you once did, and your treatment results have a better chance of sticking around for the rest of your life.

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Source: Refinery 29, 13 August 2017