5 Benefits of Modern Dental Implants

When you’re missing one or more teeth, you have several options for filling in the gap, including bridges and dentures. However, dental implants have recently become the top choice for patients with missing teeth. Find out why modern dental implants are so popular and why they may be the best choice for you.

#1. Convenience

Thanks to innovative technology and materials, dental implants are made of an ultra-hard, durable substance that looks and works just like your natural teeth. Since the artificial tooth is rooted to your jawbone by a metal screw, you can bite and chew normally, without worrying about damaging or dislodging it. Once it’s in, the implant is there to stay, and you won’t have to fool with special adhesives and installation issues as you would with dentures.

#2. Customisation

You can have the dental implant customised to fit in perfectly with the appearance and shape of your other teeth. If you’re interested in teeth whitening as well as filling in your gap, ask your dentist about whether to whiten before or after your new tooth is created. You’ll need your artificial tooth to be the same colour as all your other teeth. In addition, your Singapore dentist will shape the tooth to be the right size and shape to complete your smile.

#3. Cost

At first glance, dental implants seem very expensive. However, take into account the fact that bridges or dentures have to be replaced or repaired periodically, unlike dental implants, which last for a lifetime. When you look at the cost spread over the remaining decades of your life, dental implants are most likely the cheaper option.

#4. Cleaning

To keep your dental implant healthy, just brush and floss as you do with your natural teeth. Make sure that you return to your dental clinic in Singapore as often as necessary for cleaning and checkups. If you have a good oral hygiene routine and you have cleanings done regularly by your Singapore dentist, you shouldn’t have any trouble with your new artificial tooth.

#5. Confidence

Having holes in your smile can really drain your confidence. With those gaps filled in, you’ll be able to laugh freely, flash a smile, and speak to groups without worrying that your missing teeth are a distraction from your message. Once your smile is whole again, your confidence level should increase dramatically, maybe even changing your personal life and your career trajectory for the better.

Dental implants work best for people who have strong jawbones that can support the screw-like root of the artificial tooth. Without adequate bone in place, you may have to settle for a bridge or dentures. Visit Orchard Scotts Dental and consult with a skilled Singapore dentist to find out if you would be a good candidate for dental implants. Hopefully, you’ll be one of the lucky patients that gets to experience the benefits of a high-quality dental implant.