Invisalign is quickly overtaking traditional braces as the mode of choice for correcting crooked teeth. Invisalign trays are clear and practically invisible, and you can take them out for eating. They move teeth effectively, with less pain than most people experience with standard braces. However, there are a few challenges that are unique to Invisalign. Discover some simple hacks that can make your life with Invisalign more enjoyable.

Hack 1: Give the Trays a Mouthwash Bath

Do you like having trays that feel fresh and clean? In addition to keep your teeth brushed and caring for your trays as recommended by your Singapore dentist, try soaking the trays in diluted mouthwash once or twice each week. Make sure to water down the mouthwash so it doesn’t stain the trays, and rinse them thoroughly after a 2-3 minute soak. The clean, polished feeling will be refreshing to your mouth.

Hack 2: Use a Nail Buffer for Irritating Edges

You’ll be happy to know that Invisalign trays are far less abrasive and painful to your cheeks and gums than traditional metal braces. Braces have lots of corners and edges that can torture your mouth, but Invisalign trays are made of plastic. There are still some edges that can feel sharp and irritate parts of your mouth, however. Buy a nail buffer and use it to smooth down some of those edges just slightly. Don’t do too much buffing, or you could harm the effectiveness of the tray. If you have very sharp edges and you’re unsure how to fix them, go back to your dentist in Singapore and he can find a solution.

Hack 3: Buy a Removal Tool

The Invisalign trays conform so closely to your teeth that they can be tough to remove sometimes. You can order a tiny tool that helps you quickly and easily pry the trays loose and pop them out. That way, you won’t have to ruin your manicure every time you take the trays out for dinner.

Hack 4: Slip the Tray Out When No One is Looking

No matter how careful you are, there’s probably going to be a string of saliva trailing from your Invisalign tray when you take it out. Instead of sharing that sight with everyone at your lunch table, take the trays out in the bathroom or while everyone is distracted by something else. Put the trays in their protective case, and slide them out of sight in your laptop bag, book bag, or handbag. Later, after the meal, you can return to the restroom to brush your teeth and replace the trays.

Hack 5: Pack a Care Kit

Every time you eat anything or drink something besides water, you must take the trays out; and before you put them back in, you have to brush your teeth thoroughly. Otherwise, tiny bits of food get trapped between the tray and your teeth, and that can cause serious decay. Your aligners could also get stained from the food and drink. Don’t risk your investment! Keep a care kit in your book bag, laptop bag, or handbag, and make sure the kit includes a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

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Source: PopSugar, 3 July, 2016