Are you just getting started with Invisalign? Check out our list of five things you can expect as you begin your smile makeover.

#1. There will be some discomfort.

Your mouth has never experienced anything like this before! It will react as if there is a foreign body in your mouth, generating additional saliva. You may be extra sensitive to the edges of the aligner tray as well, but don’t worry— that sensitivity wears off quickly. Your mouth will “toughen up,” so to speak, and the initial soreness will subside. Plus, if there really is a rough edge or two, you or your dentist in Singapore can file that edge a bit to smooth it over. Allow yourself a few days to adjust to speaking with the aligners in.

#2. You might feel obliged to count the minutes.

Your Invisalign provider in Singapore will tell you that you should wear the clear aligners for 22 hours each day. That’s just two hours left over for eating and drinking things other than water. At first, you’ll be nervous about leaving the trays out too long, and you may count every minute carefully. Eventually, though, you’ll get into a schedule that works for you. Just remember, the longer you leave the trays in every day, the sooner your treatment will be complete.

#3. You’ll need to brush and floss more often.

You will be brushing and flossing your teeth more than you ever have in your life. Every time you take out your aligners to eat or drink something besides water, you must brush your teeth thoroughly and floss carefully before putting the aligners back in. If you don’t, you’re trapping bits of food and grime between your teeth and the aligners, and that’s a recipe for disease and cavities. Also, you don’t want to stain your crystal-clear aligners with food or drink.

#4. You’ll find your own tricks for working with Invisalign.

There are different tricks and hacks that people have come up with to better incorporate the wearing of Invisalign in their daily lives. Some people drink flavoured water, light-coloured tea, or iced coffee with a straw while their aligners are in. The straw keeps the liquid from entering the aligners as much. This isn’t recommended, but it’s one way that some people keep up their favourite habits while their teeth are being fixed. Other users soak their trays in diluted mouthwash every week to keep them feeling clean and fresh. Some use removal tools for taking the aligners on and off, while others keep a nail buffer on hand to smooth rough edges.

#5. You will see rapid change.

If you persevere with your Invisalign treatment and wear your trays as recommended by your Singapore Invisalign provider, you’ll see the changes happen quite quickly. Over time you’ll notice that a problematic gap has closed, or that your teeth are no longer crowded so close together. You’ll feel a difference in your bite and see a beautiful new smile developing. That’s the best part about Invisalign— watching your new smile take shape before your eyes.

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