Your Singapore dentist and oral hygienist know that the benefits of flossing are very real, and the effects if you don’t floss are noticeable— including gum inflammation, receding gums, cavities, and other serious problems. It’s time to learn how to floss the right away, with six simple steps to help your flossing sessions become more effective.

1. Take a piece of floss.

You’ll probably need about 30 centimetres of floss to do your entire mouth. However, you can split that amount into shorter sections if it’s easier for you to handle. Don’t reuse portions of the floss; if you run out of floss before you have done all your teeth, just take another piece.

2. Wind the floss.

Most dentists suggest winding the long piece of floss around your middle fingers. Make sure that one finger has just a couple loops of floss, while the other has the majority of the floss. They act as spools so you can wind up used floss on one hand and unwind fresh floss from the other hand.

3. Hold the floss tightly.

After you’ve wound the floss around your middle fingers, hold it tightly between your index fingers and thumbs. The short piece between your fingers should be pulled taut.

4. Work it between the teeth.

Work the taut piece of floss down between two of your teeth, gently moving it back and forth.

5. Curve the floss around the tooth.

Curve the piece of floss in a C-shape around the tooth and move it down until it is just below the gum line. Gently work loose any pieces of food that have been trapped between teeth or wedged between the tooth and the gum.

6. Repeat the steps with your other teeth.

You should see bits of white gunk or tiny morsels of food on the floss. Roll up the used section onto one of your middle fingers and unwind a section of fresh floss from your the middle finger of your other hand. Work the floss down into all the gaps between your teeth, one at a time, and repeat the gentle back and forth, up and down movements that loosen food particles and remove buildup.

Additional Flossing Advice from Your Singapore Dentist

Maybe you have a smaller mouth or an odd nook in your teeth that is difficult to reach with the floss. If you’re still not sure how to floss the right away, ask about specific techniques or tools on your next visit to Orchard Scotts Dental. One of our care team members will be happy to help you figure out the best way to clean between your teeth at home.

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