You look at your teeth every day in the mirror, but you probably don’t really notice them too much. You smile, talk, laugh, and chew, maybe without ever thinking about your teeth. Your teeth are with you for your entire life. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about them? Discover some little-known yet fascinating facts about those pearly whites.

Fact #1: Your teeth are unique.

Did you know that an individual’s tongue print is as unique as a fingerprint? And that’s not the only part of your mouth that is distinctive. Your teeth are not like anyone else’s. They are formed and shaped by your life, your habits, and your genes.

Fact #2: Your saliva is an important part of your oral health.

Your mouth produces about a litre of saliva every day! An average human produces around 37,854 litres of saliva during his or her lifetime. Saliva helps to wash food particles out from between your teeth, helping with the natural cleaning process. It also makes digestion easier.

Fact #3: Your adult teeth are with you from birth.

Babies are born with adult teeth already partially formed, deep in their jawbones. In fact, a mother’s diet during pregnancy can actually affect the formation and health of her baby’s adult teeth. The baby teeth come through the gums first, and are pushed out by the onset of the adult teeth years later.

Fact #4: Enamel is stronger than bone.

The hard, durable coating of your teeth, known as enamel, is stronger than your bones! It’s made to last throughout your lifetime. However, the enamel can wear down eventually. If you drink too much soda, grind your teeth, or experience injury to your mouth, your enamel may be permanently damaged.

Fact #5: A swarm of bacteria live in your mouth.

This is one of the reasons why your Singapore dentist encourages you to brush and floss your teeth regularly! The plaque on your teeth is home to over 300 different kinds of bacteria, and those bacteria are experts at turning carbohydrates and sugars into acids that can damage your teeth. Keep up with your oral hygiene to keep these tiny invaders at bay. Make sure that you brush two or three times each day and floss once daily.

Fact #6: You can change your smile!

Are you dissatisfied with the way your teeth look? Do you feel insecure about your teeth when you talk, smile, or laugh? Maybe you’re experiencing pain due to teeth grinding or TMJ problems. Perhaps an old injury chipped your tooth, or you’ve lost teeth to disease or accidents.

What bothers you most about your smile? In most cases, the skilled Singapore dentists at Orchard Scotts Dental can fix it for you. Installing dental implants in Singapore allows you to fill in the gaps between teeth; porcelain veneers can cover chips and stains; and Invisalign can straighten crooked teeth and correct bite issues. Remember to finish off your treatment with teeth whitening so everyone can enjoy the effect of your dazzling new smile!

Source: Richard Schmidt, Nov 25, 2016