Are you researching Invisalign as a way to correct your crooked smile? Discover the truth behind 7 popular myths about this orthodontic system.

Myth #1: Invisalign only works for mildly crooked teeth.

Thankfully, this myth is untrue! Invisalign is a minimally invasive, conservative system, but it can be used to correct an entire range of dental issues, ranging from mild to moderate. There are even documented cases of dentists using Invisalign to correct some very complex problems. The key is finding a skilled, experienced Invisalign provider in Singapore who knows how to use the technology to the best advantage.

Myth #2: Invisalign is really expensive.

Again, this is completely false! Invisalign is no more expensive than traditional metal braces, Damon braces, or ceramic braces. In fact, it may be a little less expensive than some forms of treatment. In certain situations, the treatment may be slightly more costly due to the complexity of the dental issues; but in general, the cost of Invisalign is very comparable to that of braces.

Myth #3: With Invisalign, patients have diet restrictions.

With the traditional metal braces, patients used to have a list of off-limits foods. With Invisalign, you can eat and drink anything you like, as long as you take your aligners out when you consume anything other than water. Brush and floss thoroughly before you replace the aligners, and you’re all set!

Myth #4: Invisalign makes patients speak oddly.

It’s true that for the first few days, your mouth will need to adjust to having the aligners in. After all, the aligners are foreign objects. You’ll have a little extra saliva and you may speak with a slur or a lisp; but your teeth, lips, and tongue will adjust quickly and you’ll be speaking normally within a couple of days.

Myth #5: Smoking is fine with Invisalign.

Smoking isn’t good for your health for a number of reasons; and when you’re having your teeth fixed with Invisalign, you’ll have another good reason to quit. Smoking will stain your aligners, and you’ll lose the clarity and transparency that gives them their near-invisible aesthetic. You won’t be able to get that stain off your aligners, so save yourself the hassle and cost of replacing them— ditch the cigarettes! Your aligners will stay clean, your oral health will improve, and your lungs will thank you.

Myth #6: Invisalign works faster than braces.

The speed of your treatment depends primarily on you! If you wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours each day, you’ll see results quickly. If you slack off and don’t wear them as long as you should, your treatment schedule will extend much longer than your dentist anticipated.

Myth #7: Invisalign can be ordered online.

Don’t order Invisalign copycat products online! Invisalign trays must be customised for your specific set of teeth by a trained orthodontist or dentist in Singapore. You should use Invisalign only with the direct supervision and care of your Singapore dentist. If you see a company offering Invisalign through an online service, stay away! You could end up damaging your teeth by using cheaply made, ineffective aligners.

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Source: Family Braces, 31 May 2017