Having explored different aspects of dentistry clinically and non-clinically, Winnie Tan strives to provide the utmost comfort for her patients at the dental office.

Winnie graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) in 2012. She have experience in treating youths and adults in both the public and private sectors.

She likes being an OHT because she likes helping people and it is rewarding to serve others in improving their oral health. During her off days, she enjoys learning and exploring new hobbies such as horse riding and ice skating She is also quite a foodie so she seek to try out new and good food.

She looks forward to meeting and providing a gentle experience for her patients and her loved ones at our dental clinic in Singapore!

Mirelle graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) in 2014. She is highly passionate in providing detailed oral hygiene care services and education to her patients.

Having worked in both public and private dental practices prior to joining OSD, Mirelle has effectively applied her acquired competencies in every patient’s visit. She is meticulous and makes your comfort her priority.

Mirelle is a gentle and detailed clinician who advocates both quality and service excellence. What drives her at work everyday is understanding the unique needs of every patient and dispensing the right treatment and advice. A patient’s smile often makes her day.

In her free time, Mirelle can be found catching up on the latest tv shows or surfing the Internet.

Shiyun graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT). She devotes herself to professional dental care, and is passionate in guiding patients to achieve optimal level of oral health.

Patients have found Shiyun’s cleaning thorough and gentle. She understands the feeling of dental anxiety, and therefore always tries her level best to strive for a comfortable experience to her patients without compromising on treatment quality. To her, patient’s satisfaction and oral health improvement has always been the main momentum that keeps her going.

During her free time, Shiyun is actively involved in professional photography and cinematography with years of experience.