A recent interview with Fansided reveals Goran Dragić’s story of dental trauma. The basketball star, who plays for the Miami Heat, has been smashed in the face multiple times during his career, resulting in tooth damage and tooth loss. Dragić isn’t the only athlete whose oral health has suffered because of his athletic prowess. In many cases, professional athletes are forced to return to their dentists again and again for more repairs.

Three Lost Teeth

In Dragić’s case, his slim build makes him a bit more vulnerable to hard attacks on the basketball court. On three different occasions, he was hit in the face. Each time, a different tooth was knocked loose. Dragić even grabbed the knocked-out tooth from his own mouth and showed it to the referee. Then he tossed it aside and kept playing.

Dragić’s may show a tough face when on the court, but losing teeth is a serious and permanent injury. Thanks to his multiple losses, the basketball star has had dental implants inserted, and all of his teeth are now covered in porcelain veneers. His brilliantly white, glossy smile suits his attractive face, but the veneers don’t protect his mouth from further injury.

Constant Risk

Other athletes face the threat of damage to their teeth from a flying ball, an elbow in the face, or some other incident on the court or on the field. Broken, damaged, or lost teeth are common for professional athletes; that’s why many of them wear mouth guards on a regular basis, even if their sport does not typically require it. In any sport, serious injury to the jaw, lips, teeth, tongue, or face is constantly a risk. A mouth guard gives the teeth and jaws extra support to withstand impact and hopefully lessen the severity of an injury.

The Sugar Threat

There’s another, more subtle risk that plagues athletes as well. Many sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and other athletes consume a lot of sports drinks. They are intent on rehydrating their bodies after training or a during long game. However, those drinks include hefty amounts of sugar as well as electrolytes. If athlete consume multiple drinks every day, without brushing their teeth afterward, the sugar can build up and cause cavities and gum disease.

Instead of resorting to sugary, bottled drinks, athletes should stick with water or mix their own protein shakes or energy drinks. If they plan to consume sports drinks on a daily basis, it’s important to brush more often throughout the day in order to clean off that sugary residue.

Restorative Dentistry in Singapore

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