Everyone knows what braces look like — metal brackets temporarily glued to the teeth with interconnecting wires. Sometimes, in particularly severe cases, various other dental appliances are used to readjust crooked teeth and correct a misaligned bite. When using Invisalign in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about showing a mouthful of metal every time you smile. The aligners are clear, practically invisible even when someone is close to you. You can even take the aligners out when you really need to. But with all their advantages, the clear aligners can still be an adjustment.

People with braces have to eat with the braces in. Food tends to get stuck in them and caked on them, and it can be very unsightly, besides being tough to clean. As your dentist in Singapore informed you, Invisalign clear aligners come out every time you need to eat. You should never eat with them in. Here are some easy steps for handling your aligners in public without embarrassing yourself or grossing anyone out.

Step #1. Plan Ahead and Prepare an Oral Hygiene Kit

When it’s time to eat and you need to pop out your Invisalign trays, don’t do it at the cafeteria table or in your seat at the restaurant. Taking the trays out can be tricky, requiring you to wedge your fingernails or your tray removal tool under the edge and pry the aligner out. When it comes out, there are probably going to be a few strings of saliva, and that’s not a sight that anyone wants to see right before they eat.

When you’re heading to lunch at school or to a restaurant with friends, think ahead and bring your oral hygiene kit with you. Make sure that you have a small bottle of mouthwash along, as well as the container for your Invisalign trays.

Step #2. Step into the Restroom

Before you reach the lunch line, or as soon as you get to the restaurant, excuse yourself and make a quick stop by the restroom. Pour some mouthwash into the container, pop out your trays, and let them soak in the closed container while you’re eating. Place the closed Invisalign container in a sealed plastic bag inside your backpack or handbag, to protect your bag against potential leaks.

Step #3. Enjoy Your Meal

Once your aligners are securely stowed, you can enjoy a lunch, dinner, drinks, or snacks with your friends. Indulge in soda, juice, tea, coffee, or other drinks during this time as well, since you may only drink water while your aligners are in your mouth.

Step #3. Clean Your Teeth

After eating and drinking, excuse yourself again and return to the bathroom. Take your tiny toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste out of your oral hygiene kit and brush your teeth. You should also bring a toothpick or floss to remove particles from between your teeth.

Step #4. Replace the Aligners

Once your teeth are clean and sparkling, pop your Invisalign trays back into your mouth. Rinse the container and put everything back in your bag. Now you’re ready to greet the world with a fresh smile!

If you don’t have the opportunity to put your aligners back in, that’s okay. Do it as soon as you are able to brush your teeth. Just remember that the longer your aligners are out of your mouth, the less opportunity they have to work on your teeth. As often as possible, wear your aligners for the 22 hours per day, or as recommended by your trusted dental clinic in Singapore at Orchard Scotts Dental.

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