Braces-and-Invisalign-Partners-for-Smile-PerfectionDo you want to change your smile? Perhaps you have heard about Invisalign, the nearly invisible clear aligners that move your teeth gradually and give you the smile makeover you’ve always wanted. Although Invisalign is a practical solution for a broad variety of dental problems and tooth issues, it cannot solve the most complex cases alone. According to an article on, Invisalign may need the help of traditional braces to resolve certain complicated cases.

Complex Oral Issues

Overbites, underbites, and crossbites are usually fixable with Invisalign at your local dental clinic in Singapore. However, when those issues are combined with other serious problems, such as a lack of palate space, jaw bone issues, or severe crowding, the Invisalign trays may need the partnership of braces. Some people have teeth that are too dramatically tipped or rotated to permit the use of an Invisalign tray.

Remember, your dentist isn’t just straightening the visible part of your teeth— the roots of the teeth have to be straight as well. Since those roots go down to the bone, moving the teeth around is a process that requires care and the correct use of the available methods.

Invisalign Before Surgery

In some situations, patients may need to have surgery in order to correct oral problems. Your Singapore dentist may have you wear Invisalign trays to get a head start with the alignment process and to prepare your mouth for the surgical procedure.

Braces or Appliances Before Invisalign

Depending on the type and extent of your issues, your dentist in Singapore may suggest using traditional braces or appliances first. Appliances can help to alter the shape of the palate, gradually fix some formation issues, and ensure the space and structure that your mouth needs in order to have a great smile.

Rubber Bands and Partial Braces with Invisalign

Occasionally, a Singapore Invisalign provider may suggest the use of rubber bands or partial braces. Sometimes, the braces or bands are on the back teeth or the bottom teeth, where they aren’t very visible. If you have to have braces on the front teeth, your Singapore dentist may be able to offer you ceramic brackets that are almost the same colour as your teeth. There are also clear brackets for braces that minimise their appearance.

Invisalign Trays to Complete Treatment

If you have to go through a phase or two of braces and appliances, remember that the period is temporary. Before long, some of the underlying issues in your mouth will be resolved, and your dentist can switch you to Invisalign trays for the remainder of your treatment.

Your Invisalign Provider in Singapore

When you’re ready to pursue a smile makeover, whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or for the comfort and health of your mouth, visit Orchard Scotts Dental, a premium dental clinic in Singapore. We are a top Invisalign provider, and we employ a variety of modern technology and methods to ensure that our patients have a safe, healthy, and effective journey through their smile makeover.

Source: Tech Featured, December, 2016