With rapid strides being made in the field of dentistry, individuals with orthodontic issues like “overcrowding” or “spacing” today have multiple treatment options for remedying such dental problems. It is now possible for our orthodontists in dental clinics to offer a range of advanced procedures in correcting imperfections spacing or crowding in between the premolars or maxillary incisors. Our dentists in Singapore have the requisite experiences and the skills needed for effectively dealing with mild and severe orthodontic cases.

When it comes to the alignment of crooked or skewed teeth, the patient has two distinct orthodontic alignment options:

Each procedure has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks that you should know before you decide which treatment technique would be appropriate for you. Our dentists review both the dental misalignment treatment processes based on the parameters of aesthetics, efficacy, and comfort to make it easier for you to choose the option suitable for you.


Clear teeth aligners like Invisalign, which can be found in our dedicated Invisalign Singapore dental clinic, are the most popular type of braces nowadays. This is mainly because these are almost invisible to the naked eye compared to conventional dental supports or bridges. If you opt for custom-built aligners, there is a good chance that the same will make for a seamless fit, rendering them nearly undetectable. It is because of this specific trait of transparent aligners that they’re preferred by adults and teenagers who want to brandish a blemish-free natural smile.

Ceramic braces are another modern variety of dental braces which also have an edge over metallic ones in that their color almost blends in with that of the teeth and even the shade of the brackets can be correspondingly matched. Owing to the placement of lingual braces on the backend of the teeth, these will also look invisible.

As far as metallic or stainless steel braces are concerned, modern versions are available that are less distinguishable because these are smaller.


For most cases, clear aligners do work very well, but when it comes to more severe cases, traditional braces will definitely have an advantage. Though a set of Invisalign trays are effective in correcting or aligning less severe diastematic cases (spacing or gaps between premolars or maxillary incisors), metallic braces are still more widely used for acute orthodontic issues as these have proven to be more effective in coping with such problems.


Strictly speaking, you’ll surely experience some discomfort once in a while regardless of the type of braces you install. However, comparing metal braces with aligners in terms of degree of discomfiture, surely the latter wins outright. High quality bespoke Invisalign found in Singapore are generally made of BPA-free plastic. You will receive a series of trays customized to you that can be affixed onto the teeth quite comfortably as well as taken off easily.

Clear aligners simply do not come into contact with the flesh of your gums. On the other hand, conventional brackets might cause sores or cuts due to constant friction not allowing chewing food completely or preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods.

Nevertheless, we do suggest keeping an open mind when visiting an orthodontist. Having an open mind and keeping a flexible approach can go a long way in enabling you to finding the right solution.

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