Getting dental work done is expensive. For one poor college student, the dream of having a perfect smile was out of reach. Instead of visiting a dentist or an orthodontist to have the work done, Amos Dudley used his design savvy and a 3D printer to create his own clear aligner trays. Although his strategy did yield results for his teeth, dentists warn that self-created, do-it-yourself braces are actually a very bad idea.

Dudley’s DIY Aligners

According to the Washington Post, Amos Dudley’s self-made braces cost only $60 to make, whereas aligners from an Invisalign provider can cost a 100 times more than that. His self-prescribed treatment plan took 16 weeks. Many people have to stay with Invisalign for 18-30 months to see the results they want. So why is it a bad idea to save money and time by making your own aligner trays?

The Importance of Professional Training

An experienced an well trained dentist in Singapore treats your smile like a work of art and designs a smile that fits with your facial features and looks natural and beautiful. To accomplish this, he analyses your teeth and facial structure, takes images of your teeth, and uses special software to predict what your smile will look like after treatment. Without a dentist’s training and specialised equipment, there is no way that the average person can accurately plan and predict the results of self-treatment.

Crucial Care During Treatment

What if something goes wrong during the treatment? What if a particular tooth is placed under too much stress, or what if the teeth are not kept clean enough and cavities start to develop? If you try to make your own aligners, you won’t have the advantage of regular visits to the dentist to check your progress and to monitor your dental health. That’s a recipe for serious problems, including cavities, gum disease, and possible weakening of the teeth. One do-it-your-self dentist tried to use rubber bands to close a gap between front teeth. The bands pulled the teeth together, but they also worked their way down into the gums, killing the roots of the teeth and causing the DIY dentist to lose both of the front teeth.

The Possibility of Permanent Damage

In Dudley’s case, he moved his teeth much too fast. One orthodontist, Stephen Belli, says, “I’d like to see an X-ray, because he’s probably caused some irreparable harm.” He went on to explain, “He moved these teeth in only 16 weeks. You can cause a lot of problems with that. If you move a tooth too fast, you can actually cause damage to the bone and gums. And if you don’t put the tooth in the right position, you could throw off your bite.”

The Benefits of Having an Experienced Dentist

Instead of trying to fix your teeth yourself, invest in your oral health and do it the right way. A good Singapore dentist at Orchard Scotts Dental can provide you with the professional care and oversight you need to successfully achieve straighter teeth. If money is an issue, planning your expenses carefully or working out a payment plan can make the treatment more affordable. Let the professionals fix your teeth so you can have a beautiful smile and keep your teeth, gums, and bones healthy at the same time.

Source: The Washington Post, March 25, 2016