Became a Hot Stock Option

According to CNN Money, Invisalign stock is very much in demand, due to Align Technology’s meteoric increase in Invisalign users. In fact, the value of Align Tech’s stock has tripled, raising it to a top performance slot on the S&P 500. One investor, Gordon Gund, found himself suddenly in the billionaire bracket, thanks to an early investment in Align Technology when Invisalign was in its infancy. Find out what key factors have catapulted Invisalign to the top.

1. Rejection of Traditional Braces

No one wants to strut around the office or the halls of their high school with a mouth full of metal braces and wires. In spite of improvements in the feel and look of traditional braces, they still hold a significant stigma for teens and adults alike. When it comes to a smile makeover in Singapore, patients want something that looks good; and Invisalign delivers that look with its nearly invisible clear aligners.

2. Effectiveness for a Variety of Problems

Invisalign has proven to be effective for fixing various dental problems. Of course, its primary task is straightening crooked teeth, but the system is also useful for correcting bite issues and closing gaps.

Align Technology’s CEO, Joe Hogan, explains, “Years ago we weren’t capable of doing a lot of the cases that are out there. There’s been an evolution of this technology; we’ve invested a significant amount of money.” Singapore dentists have even combined Invisalign trays with other treatment methods to perform palate expansions, fix overcrowding, and resolve more serious bite problems.

3. Improved Quality

Over the past decade, Align Technology has invested in new research and development to make the Invisalign the best that it can possibly be. Invisalign providers in Singapore can now testify to Invisalign’s quality as a system, based on years of proven results. The materials used to create the aligners are more comfortable and more effective, and new 3D technology enables patients to get a “sneak peek” of what their smile will look like at the end of treatment.

4. Easy Removal and Dietary Freedom

Invisalign users also appreciate the freedom that they have with the system. With braces, the brackets and wires are constantly present, restricting the wearer from rough sports, certain instruments, and specific foods such as whole apples, taffy, and popcorn. Invisalign users don’t have to worry about any of those restrictions. They simply take out the trays for eating, practising a wind instrument, or participating in contact sports.

Invisalign in Singapore

Investing in Invisalign stock may be a smart move; but using the system for your own smile makeover is an even wiser decision. Studies show that fixing your teeth can lead to better connections with people and greater success in your career. If that sounds good to you, you need an Invisalign provider in Singapore to get you started on your smile makeover. Contact us at Orchard Scotts Dental to find out how you can become a part of the Invisalign family and obtain the beautiful, straight smile you have always wanted.


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