You are aware of the technical basics of the Invisalign procedure­ but what about hearing the experiences of some real life Invisalign patients?

Story 1

“Invisalign is able to give me more confidence in what I do, whether it’s being a mum or a professional.” – Vicky, Personal Coach and Mom

Vicky Kamahele is a personal coach and a mother of a baby boy named Brennan. She runs her own business, working and coaching to help students achieve jobs. When she was a teenager, she underwent an orthodontic treatment plan, wearing braces in order to correct her overbite. However, as she progressed into her twenties, she began to notice that her teeth were again shifting back and overlapping each other, creating the old overbite her braces had been meant to correct.

This began to bother Vicky more and more. She found herself feeling self conscious about how she looked, and noticed that her self consciousness about her teeth was affecting her ability to present in front of her clients. She began to question herself, wondering if she looked professional enough; if her clients would take her seriously if she had a large overbite.

After suffering from self consciousness and a lack of confidence as product of her dental malocclusion, Vicky decided to opt for Invisalign treatment. As soon as the treatment began, Vicky started to notice her self confidence improving.

Today, Vicky is still using Invisalign, and she loves the way that it allows her to have one less thing to worry about. Instead of wondering whether or not she looks professional enough, Vicky is now able to focus on being the thriving professional that she truly is. Not only that, but Vicky reports that Invisalign gives her confidence in everything she does­ from being a professional personal coach, to being a loving, fantastic mother.

Story 2

“I’m happy, confident, and finally feel secure within my own skin.” – Sandra, Cupcake Store Owner

Sandra Rancatore is a mother, an entrepreneur, and the founder and owner of a thriving cupcake shop.

As a child, Sandra always had a gap in her teeth. The gap caused Sandra great self-confidence issues­ she was always teased at school because of it, and eventually, the teasing became so bad, and so hurtful, that Sandra found she did not even wish to attend school anymore. It was a struggle to get young Sandra to even go to school every morning, because she so hated the way that children would point at the gap in her teeth, and call her ugly.

After meeting her husband and having her daughter, Sandra began to realize that her teeth were pushing outwards. Fed up with the dental malocclusions that had been causing her pain, self-confidence issues, and stress for her entire life, Sandra decided to do something once and for all to end her dental issues.

Sandra began her Invisalign treatment, and it changed her life forever. Today, Sandra is regularly complimented on the beauty of her smile, and she feels happier, more secure, and more confident in her own body. Sandra also loves the way that her young daughter, Darla, has noticed the benefits of Invisalign­ Darla says that her mum smiles a lot more now, and that makes Sandra very happy indeed.

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