Invisalign is everywhere— in the United Kingdom, in Singapore, and on Twitter. According to a report from, Invisalign began trending on Twitter on August 9, 2017. The sudden upsurge in mentions of Invisalign remains a mystery, but it’s clear that the orthodontic system is continuing to grow in popularity.

The Twitter Trend

On August 9th, Invisalign began trending on Twitter. No one knew how the trend started or why, but social media enthusiasts immediately began creating more Invisalign-related memes and Tweets. Some reminisced about their own Invisalign experiences, while others joked about “a slow news day.” Whatever the cause, Invisalign got plenty of attention from the Twitter audience.

How Invisalign Began

Back in 1997, the technology for clear aligners came onto the market as a brand-new alternative to the metal brackets and wires that so many teens had endured. In the beginning, the technology was a little clumsy; but over the years, Invisalign became a streamlined system. The company perfected the materials and designs for the clear aligners and developed software to help dentists predict results with 3D imaging.

Thanks to all this research and progress, Invisalign has been a viable and effective orthodontic solution for years. People prefer Invisalign to braces because the aligners are nearly invisible. The aligners allow users to continue their normal lives while maintaining their image. No more teasing and bullying from peers! Teens or adults can have their crooked smiles adjusted without sporting a mouthful of metal.

Less Discomfort with Invisalign

Invisalign users also claim that the discomfort of the aligners is far less than the pain of braces; and various studies support this fact. With braces, the pain is more dramatic each time an adjustment is made, and then there is the frequent irritation of the cheeks, lips and gums because of sharp bracket corners and wires. In contrast, the smooth Invisalign aligners only cause a little discomfort for a couple of days after a new one is inserted. Any rough edges are easily filed smooth.

Better Cleaning with Invisalign

Dentists like Invisalign not only because of its results, but because of it enables easier cleaning. With braces, users have to pry and pick chunks of food out of the brackets, push lumps of food from between teeth and wires, and use special threaders to floss between teeth. The process is unappealing and often leaves the user prone to cavities.

On the other hand, Invisalign trays come right out during meals. Users brush and floss carefully before replacing the trays. The entire process is easier, quicker, and cleaner than it would be with braces.

Your Singapore Invisalign Provider

No one knows how the Invisalign Twitter trend started, but for a number of hours the world had Invisalign in mind; and that’s good news for people looking for a viable solution to crooked teeth. If you need a Singapore Invisalign provider, contact our team at Orchard Scotts Dental. We’ve done many smile makeovers with Invisalign, and we’ll be happy to help you achieve your goal of a better smile.

Source: Heavy, 9 August 2017