Everybody wants a beautiful smile; it looks good on us and gives us confidence in whatever it is that we’re doing. However, traditional metal braces, though they give good results, can cause more problems before they solve any. As a result, many people wait a long time or even totally put off getting their teeth straightened due to the difficulties that these braces can have. Thankfully, in Singapore we have Invisalign which is a versatile way to have all of the benefits of braces while reducing most of the challenges associated with them. What are some of the major ways it does that?


One of the first things people notice about us is our teeth. Although metal braces are in place to help our smile, they make our smile worse before they make it better.  They can make others think we are immature, as they are often worn by young people, or are just a plain distraction. In addition, they can affect clear speech. Since keeping braces clean can be difficult, there may also be the issue of plaque or food being stuck in the teeth. Regardless of age, Invisalign gives you the same or better result and still allows you to look sharp!

Invisalign avoids most of these problems as they are designed to be hardly noticeable. They can be worn by those of any age without the fear of embarrassment. As far as other physical issues, there is no speech concerns to worry about.

Day to Day Use

Since there are often times complicated care routines for traditional metal braces, they can be a great burden to the wearer. Invisalign usage is just about as easy as you could image! For instance, cleaning the aligners and teeth is a very simple process that takes only seconds and doesn’t vary much from normal oral cleaning. If the wearer is an athlete, they will be happy to know that they usually don’t need any special consideration when wearing them during play. In the worst case scenario, they can just remove the aligners for the time of play and put them back in afterwards.

If other dental treatments are needed or desired, there is very little consideration needed in regards to the aligners. Routine procedures like cleaning, fillings and others require just taking them out for the time of the service. Even teeth whitening won’t present a problem to the patient! It’s no wonder that this is becoming a more popular option for dental clinics in Singapore.

Unbrace Yourself

If physical appearance or difficulty of use associated with metal braces has kept you from looking into straightening your smile, hopefully, Invisalign will help you to reconsider. This system has allowed many people in recent years enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth anbd even a total smile makeover without the hassle they may have expected.

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