In 2008, Justin Bieber’s career began when a marketing executive clicked on one of his videos by accident. After that lucky mistake and his debut album, which featured the hit song “Baby,” Bieber became a teen heartthrob and a pop sensation. As a young star, Bieber had to maintain his image throughout his teen years— and that included getting his teeth fixed. For Justin Bieber, Invisalign was the way to go.

Teen Teeth

The teen years are typically the time when young people address their crooked teeth. Usually, the age range of 10-14 years is ideal, since the child’s mouth and head are still growing and the teeth are easier to straight out. However, it’s also fine to wait and do braces well into the teen years, the twenties, or even later in adulthood.

Overcrowded Mouth

For Justin Bieber, the main issue with his teeth was overcrowding. The teeth, jammed in tightly together, formed odd spaces and tiny nooks that were tough to clean. Often, kids with crowded teeth find that food gets stuck in tight spaces and it is difficult to get it out. That can lead to plaque buildup and cavities.

The Importance of Image

A young singer like Justin Bieber is always in the spotlight. There was no way that he could wear traditional metal brackets and wires; the presence of the metal in his mouth would have affected his sound, as well as damaging his image. Yet his teeth desperately needed to be adjusted to relieve the crowding.

The Invisalign Option

Fortunately, Justin Bieber’s orthodontist suggested Invisalign. The clear aligners would permit him to make public appearances and greet his faces without any appearance issues. The Invisalign trays are practically invisible; only someone at very close quarters can tell the aligners are there.

Justin Bieber’s Invisalign Video

Bieber was so excited about the treatment option that he filmed a quick video, showing his fans how he could easily take the aligners in and out. “Bet you guys couldn’t even see it!” he said. He mentioned the discomfort involved, which is normal for the first few days. However, Invisalign involves far less pain than traditional braces, which rank higher on the discomfort scale in a number of studies comparing the two methods.

Singapore Invisalign Providers

Is there a young person in your life who could use some orthodontic treatment? Visit a Singapore Invisalign provider, like Orchard Scotts Dental. Our Singapore dental clinic provides a variety of smile makeover services, including Invisalign, teeth whitening, veneers, and other options.

When you or your teen chooses Invisalign in Singapore, you’ll discover the same benefits that Justin Bieber did— no mouth irritation from sharp brackets and wires, less pain from moving teeth, and easier cleaning than braces. You’ll have fewer appointments, and you’ll look the same to everyone. You can take the trays out for rough sports, big events, musical performances, and meals. Invisalign is designed to adjust your teeth while enabling you to maintain your lifestyle and your image.

Source: Aura Orthodontics,28 Aug. 2011