According to a recent report, many adults are turning to orthodontia to correct their crooked smiles. In fact, what was once a familiar rite of passage for young people is now turning into a milestone for adults. Success and a beautiful smile seem to go hand-in-hand, both in Singapore’s culture and around the globe.

First-Time Patients

Adults seek dental work for a couple of different reasons. In some cases, they have never had braces before. They have lived with the imperfections of their teeth for decades, often developing odd little habits and strategies to hide those unsightly problems. Now, as adults, these individuals are turning to technology such as Invisalign to gain more attractive smiles.

A Lapse in Maintenance

For other adults, there’s a different motivation. These individuals did have braces as teens, but they didn’t keep up with maintaining their smiles. Instead of wearing their retainers every night, they let the habit slide. Dr. Charlene Rocha, an orthodontist, says, “Patients were not wearing the retainer and their teeth moved right back to where they started.”

Without maintenance, teeth return to their old crooked spots or find new ways to cause trouble. Crooked teeth, rotated teeth, snaggle-teeth, misaligned bites, and gaps are all issues that adults face when they do not take care of their smile. When adults drink coffee, tea, or soda regularly, teeth may become severely stained as well. Smoking and other lifestyle choices can also affect the health of a person’s teeth.

The Guilt Factor

Adults sometimes feel guilty about not maintaining their smiles, especially because their parents spent so much money to fix their teeth. However, it’s difficult to keep up with the nighttime retainer for so many years, even for professionals who know its importance. Dr. Kal Rasheed, a periodontist, fell into the same trap. “I had braces as a child and had a retainer and about 8 years ago I gave up,” he says.

A Tooth Trick

Patients are not entirely to blame for their teeth relapsing into the old crooked places. The fault also lies with the mouth’s own muscle memory. According to Dr. Rasheed, there’s a procedure called a fiberotomy that can lower the chances of the teeth moving back. The fibres around each tooth are snipped, altering the muscle memory. As they reattach to the teeth, the tissues and fibres are tricked into “forgetting” the old position of the teeth, and they accept that the new position is the correct, longterm one.

Long-lasting Dental Work

Have your teeth moved back into their original positions because you didn’t wear your retainer? Maybe you never had the time or money to get your teeth fixed, but you’re tired of suffering with a crooked smile. Either way, it’s time to pay a visit to Orchard Scotts Dental, an established dental clinic in Singapore. Our highly trained team of professionals is dedicated to giving you the care you need and achieving healthy, beautiful results for your smile. Plus, we’ll support you throughout each phase of the process and give you the tools you need to ensure that your stunning new smile lasts for a long, long time.

Source: CBS Sacramento, Feb 27, 2017