Modern Alternatives to Dental Braces

Who wouldn’t like to wear a perfect toothy smile that radiates throughout the face and then spreads all over the body? Having misaligned, crooked or skewed teeth is something beyond your control but with advanced treatment options available you can always correct the misalignment and smile confidently for the rest of your life. Long gone are the days when individuals had to be content with traditional or conventional metallic braces that not only were problematic to install with unmanageable wires and brackets but looked incongruous. Nowadays, you have more visually appealing options in Singapore like Invisalign clear braces that can be  implanted by our dental clinic in Singapore.

Why Go For Invisalign?

Of course, you’ve so many options when choosing braces for your misaligned teeth but no orthodontic treatment provides you the degree of confidence, convenience and comfort that Invisalign does. Invisalign for one, are braces that are nearly imperceptible or undetectable. Nowadays, plastic BPA-free Invisalign teeth aligners are available that can be easily affixed as well as dismantled when you need to go in for a replacement.

The teeth alignment or straightening process is also expedited with Invisalign. You can also remove these when you need to eat or clean your mouth. Additionally, there is no restriction to whatever you want to eat. And the best thing about Invisalign is that you can opt to wear them regardless of what your age is. You can bet you’ll like the manner in which the best dentists we have in Singapore use a groundbreaking procedure for installation that hardly interferes with your daily living but rather has an uplifting impact.

The Edge Invisalign Enjoys Over Other Braces

The naturalness associated with an Invisalign smile is something no other teeth-straightening treatment can offer. Traditional braces, veneers, and implants might be painful, cause discomfiture, mouth sores, plaque formation, and tooth discolouration to a certain extent. You might also experience a degree of unease or difficulty while eating. You may have to forego consuming some of your favorite foods which of course will be hard to let go. Porcelain veneers can help look your smile better but at best can only mask specific dental misalignments.

On the other hand, Invisalign comes in perfectly handy for an extensive range of dental anomalies including underbite, cross bite, overbite, spacing, and crowding. Furthermore, The Invisalign procedure can be applied to individuals belonging to almost any age group. Teeth-straightening also happens more quickly. You can brush your teeth every day by removing these with ease and take these off while eating. Cleaning Invisalign is a hassle-free process.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is a very advanced mode of treatment that can straighten your teeth in a very short period of time. The versatility and convenience of opting for this procedure of orthodontic treatment is that Invisalign aligners can be personalized or custom-built according to the size and structure of your teeth. The aligners set is made out of bisphenol-A free plastic that is virtually invisible and wearing them as per the instructions of our orthodontists will gradually move your teeth back into the right position.