Modern Kids Now Looking Forward To Teeth Straightening

In past decades, braces were a dreaded phase of a child’s life. Pre-teens and teens were not happy to hear that they needed braces, because they knew it meant discomfort, food limitations, and teasing from other kids at school. However, according to a recent report from Dentistry Today, modern kids are looking forward to the day when they can get braces. They’re actually happy to have their teeth straightened.

Finding the Facts

Some of the recent statistics about this new attitude towards braces come from the Australian Society of Orthodontists. They report that 7 out of 10 children are pleased or excited when they hear that they are getting braces. In fact, around 94 percent of the parents who bring their children to an orthodontist in Australia have done so because their kids asked for braces.

Wishing for a Smile Makeover in Singapore

Children who visit an aesthetic dental clinic in Singapore have similar reactions. They are excited to have their smile makeover in Singapore, because they know it means more positive attention for them in the future. The kids may be sensitive about their crooked teeth, so they look forward to having them fixed and sporting a brand-new, beautiful grin.

Appreciating New Options Like Invisalign

There’s another reason why kids are reacting so positively to the idea of braces. For many of them in Singapore, “braces” have come to mean clear aligners like Invisalign, not the metal wires and brackets of previous generations. The Invisalign system involves clear trays, shaped to fit snugly over the teeth. The trays gradually move the teeth into a new position over a number of weeks, and then the patient returns to the dental clinic for a new set of trays, which moves the teeth even closer to the final desired positions. Since Invisalign trays are quite invisible to the naked eye, there’s practically no change to the child’s appearance. Plus, the trays come out for mealtimes or sports practice, so kids can continue to eat and do the things they love throughout the treatment.

Reworking the Style of Traditional Braces

For kids who have more severe dental problems, traditional braces may be necessary; but even then, the modern styles of braces are much smaller, more contoured, and more comfortable that old-school versions. Kids can get clear braces, ceramic braces coloured to match their teeth, or colourful braces that give their smiles a fun flair. The wires attached the braces are also lighter yet more durable.

Creating Affordable Payment Options

Orthodontic treatment is expensive, and will remain so due to the expertise involved in the process; but Singapore dentists are happy to work with families to find payment plans that make the cost easier to handle.

Choosing a Dentist in Singapore

Giving your child a beautiful smile is one of the best things you can do for their future! To get started with improvements to your child’s dental health, contact Orchard Scotts Dental, a recognised Invisalign service provider in Singapore, and we provide an entire range of cosmetic services for all ages. With our help, your child can enjoy a healthy, brand-new smile!

Source: Dentistry Today,19 Aug 2016