Two Olympic gold medalists were showcased in a recent article on, thanks to their beautiful new smiles. The couple used Invisalign’s clear aligner technology to achieve fantastic, straight smiles without the hassle of braces.

A Champion Couple

Jason Kenny and Laura Trott were both members of Team Great Britain at the Olympics in Rio in 2016. During the global competition, Jason matched Sir Chris Hoy’s record, attaining six Olympic gold medals for cycling. Laura Trott also gained the distinction of “most decorated female athlete” in Britain.

Gold Medals and Crooked Teeth

The pair have been together since before the 2012 Olympics in London. During that Olympics, photographers took shots of the two kissing and showing off their medals. In some photos however, Laura and Jason were pictured biting their medals,  which revealed some of their imperfect and crooked teeth.

After seeing those images, the lovebirds decided to take action. Jason says, “In pictures taken over the last eight years I had become very aware that my teeth were getting worse and I wanted to be able to smile on the podium at the Olympics.” Both of them wanted to be able to take great photos and smile with confidence, both at the Olympics and elsewhere.

The Invisalign Option

They began researching ways to straighten their teeth, and with the help of Dr Bilal Bhatti of Manchester, both Jason and Laura discovered Invisalign. They found that the clear aligners would allow them to keep training, fulfilling their obligations, and also enable them to continue wearing Invisalign in public without them having a visible effect on their appearances.

Smile Predictions

Invisalign providers also offer ClinCheck, a specialised software programme that shows patients what their teeth will actually look like at the end of the treatment. Laura particularly liked this part of the technology. “I think it is a real bonus to be able to see what my teeth would look like at the end of my treatment,” she says. “I was able to give my opinion about the look I wanted to achieve before I started.”

A Marriage of Champions

Laura and Jason wanted to have their perfect smiles ready in time for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio— a feat that they achieved. But they had another reason for wanting those perfect smiles. After the games, they got married in a secret ceremony in September, right after the games. Other gold medalists attended the ceremony along with family and friends, and the couple’s smiles in every photo are brilliant and beautiful.

Your Smile, Your Future

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Source:, 23 August, 2016