Oral Health at Risk from "Mail-Order Braces"

Getting a crooked smile fixed with Invisalign or other types of orthodontia can cost thousands of dollars. It’s can be a prohibitive amount for some in Singapore. However, parents often recognise the need to have their teeth or their kids’ teeth fixed for health reasons as well as to improve their social standing and chances at professional success. Some of them are turning to a dangerous solution instead of visiting a qualified Singapore dentist.

The Case of the Smile Direct Club

The problem of mail-order cosmetic dentistry recently came into the spotlight in the United States. The Smile Direct Club advertised their mail-order invisible braces to adults and youth for a fraction of the price of Invisalign. The maker of these knockoff trays is now under investigation after complaints were lodged in 36 different states.

One woman, Robin Burns, paid the full price for her children to see a licensed orthodontist; but she felt that she could save money when it came to fixing her own teeth. She got price quotes from a local orthodontist ($5,000 USD) and from the Smile Direct Club (($1,500). Purely because of the cheaper price, she decided to do Smile Direct.

A Terrible Cost

At first, the Smile Direct system seemed to work beautifully. After eight months, Robin’s smile looked stunning. But she realised that there was a new problem. Her molars did not touch each other. Without that grinding surface, she had great difficulty chewing her food.

When she first noticed the issue, Robin contacted Smile Direct to tell them that her bite was wrong. After a period of review of her case, Smile Direct sent her a copy of the consent form she had signed, highlighting the portion that read, “your bite may change as you transition.” Robin was not offered any further help, so she had to go to an orthodontist after all.

The Nightmare of Tooth Loss

Her orthodontist, Dr. David Carter, discovered that the problem was even worse than Robin thought. Because of the mail-order braces and self-performed treatments, Robin had lost the bones around her lower front teeth. “She is probably going to lose her lower front teeth because of this,” he explained in an interview with WRDW.com.

More Problems with Mail-Order Orthodontia

Bone loss and the resulting tooth loss are just one of the issues with using a mail-order service for braces. Without an experienced Singapore dentist or orthodontist to give regular checkups, cleanings, and advice on care, patients have no way of knowing how their treatment is progressing or what new problems may be developing. Where a trained dentist might spot the issue in time to fix it, a patient using a mail-order service has no way of knowing the deeper issues involved in their dental health.

A Smile Makeover with a Registered Dental Clinic

Don’t put your teeth or your child’s teeth under the care of a distant “dentist” who sends mail-order orthodontic treatments. Instead, choose a certified, professional dentist from a trusted aesthetic dental clinic in Singapore like Orchard Scotts Dental. With our experienced dentists, hygienists and office staff, your oral health and your smile makeover will be in good hands.

Source: WRDW.com, 23 Oct 2017