Orange vs Teeth Whitening - A Study on the Impact on Tooth Enamel

Have you put off getting your teeth whitening because you’re nervous about the chemicals involved? According to, teeth whitening may actually be safer for your teeth than drinking acidic fruit juices, like orange juice. Discover the surprising results of one research team’s examination of hydrogen peroxide (used to bleach teeth) versus orange juice, a beverage commonly enjoyed with breakfast.

A Straightforward Comparison

A group of researchers from the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, located at the University of Rochester, decided to explore the effects of a common bleaching agent on tooth enamel, compared to the effects of certain acidic fruit juices.

The Process of the Experiment

To gauge the effects, the team exposed some human teeth to eBright Tooth Whitening Accelerator, which is 6 percent hydrogen peroxide. The exposure lasted 20 minutes each day for a period of five days.

At the same time, the researchers applied orange juice to human teeth for 20 minutes a day, every day, for five days.

Percentages of Enamel Loss

After the five-day period, the team tested the tooth enamel on the teeth used in the experiment. The enamel of the teeth exposed to the tooth whitening substance was degraded by 5.6 percent. However, the teeth exposed to orange juice suffered surface enamel reduction of 84.4 percent. The acid in the juice softened and roughened the enamel.

Dangers of Enamel Loss

According to Singapore dentists, softening or reducing the enamel makes teeth vulnerable to cavities and scratches. The teeth also suffer more dramatically from day-to-day wear and tear when they are not protected by enamel that is sufficiently hard.

Warnings About Other Acidic Drinks

Orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, and lemonade can negatively affect enamel if they are consumed frequently and if proper oral hygiene isn’t maintained. However, soft drinks are highly acidic as well, and they pose an even more significant risk to tooth enamel. Dentists in Singapore and around the world caution their patients not to over-indulge in sugary or acidic drinks, which can spell disaster for dental health.

Safety of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Judging from the results of this study and others, teeth whitening substances actually have very low impact on tooth enamel compared to other lifestyle factors. It’s perfectly safe to have your teeth whitened; but be sure to find a skilled professional to handle the process.

A Confidence Boost for Life

Getting your teeth whitened or having them straightened via Invisalign is an excellent way to give yourself the smile makeover you deserve. Once you feel better about your teeth, you’ll gain extra confidence that can help you move forward in your career or even form new personal relationships.

Smile Makeovers in Singapore

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