Parents Pay Heed: Know the Things Teen Patients Need!

Invisalign for teens is very similar to Invisalign for adults, but there are several key differences and special features that are unique to the teen version of Invisalign aligners. We have compiled a short list to help you increase your awareness of Invisalign for your teenager.

Psst! If you are new to the world of Invisalign altogether, not to worry: we have also included some basic Invisalign factoids to help introduce you to this fantastic world of dental technology.

  1. Teen Invisalign is comprised of clear Invisalign aligners that are easily removable, rather than wire and metal brackets. Despite the fact that Invisalign is made of plastic, it still works just as well as braces to straighten teeth­ and comes with fewer food and drink constrictions.
  2. For nearly all common dental malocclusions, Teen Invisalign has been proven to be just as effective and efficient as braces. Overbites, underbites, overcrowding, gaps between teeth­, you name the dental issue, and Invisalign can most probably fix it!  As long as your teenager keeps the Invisalign aligners in for twenty to twenty-two hours a day, the treatment will be fantastically effective. One special feature included in the Teen version of Invisalign is the inclusion of a built in assurance check: Teen Invisalign aligners come with blue indicator lines that fade over time, with use. This helps remind the teen to keep their aligners in.­ The blue lines will not fade unless the aligners are used as instructed.
  3. The average treatment time of Teen Invisalign is equivalent to that of braces. Just as with braces, the actual length of treatment time for your teen is greatly dependent upon their individual case, and their willingness to follow directions.
  4. Studies have proven that mothers tend to underestimate the amount of self consciousness that wearing braces can cause for their teens. Invisalign is a great alternative to braces­ with Teen Invisalign, the process of straightening your teenager’s teeth is nearly invisible. This fact helps reduce a teen’s anxiety over wearing braces, and help to maintain higher confidence levels throughout the process of treatment, giving them the confidence to smile.
  5. One great thing about Teen Invisalign is all of the diverse abilities it can offer. As opposed to braces, Teen Invisalign does not impair a teenager’s ability to play sports or play musical instruments. Teen Invisalign will not get in the way of these things. Teen Invisalign is also extremely easy to take care of, which is a definite perk for teens, who can tend to be a little irresponsible with their dental treatment. Invisalign aligners are simple to remove, and this allows teenagers to continue to brush and floss as they normally would, ensuring a better dental hygiene is maintained throughout treatment.
  6. If your teenager misplaces one of their Invisalign aligners, it is no sweat at all!­ Invisalign understands that teenage life can be messy and confusing, and that is why they provide up to six replacement aligners at absolutely zero cost.

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