Whether you have had gone through a round of traditional braces, appliances, Invisalign, or a combination of multiple orthodontic appliances, you are almost done! The end of your treatment is drawing nearer, and soon you’ll be able to say good bye to those braces, aligners, or appliances that have been such a huge part of your daily life. But it’s not time to forget about your teeth! You’ll still need to preserve the beautiful smile you now own— and that’s where your retainer comes in.

What’s a Retainer?

A retainer is a half-circle of rigid, moulded plastic, designed to fit snugly over your teeth. If you corrected your smile via Invisalign, you’ll probably recognise some similarities in the design of your retainer. In fact, some retainers look exactly like one of the Invisalign clear aligners. Other retainers may incorporate some wire or metal, depending on the maintenance needs of your teeth.

Why Do I Need a Retainer?

Your teeth have just been moved in the ideal positions for a lovely, straight smile. You can flash someone a grin and know that your teeth look great— and that’s a big confidence boost for you. But your teeth don’t feel the same way about your new smile. They want to creep back into their former crooked positions; and if you don’t maintain your smile, that’s exactly what will happen. Your teeth will move, and that movement will gradually undo all the work you and your dentist have done together.

Why Should I Wear the Retainer?

Remember all that hard work you did and all the trouble you went to, getting your teeth to move into the optimum positions? It took months of visits to your dentist in Singapore, days of frequent brushing and flossing, careful storage of aligners while eating, and nights of discomfort after an adjustment or a new set of trays.

When Do I Wear My Retainer?

In most cases, since your retainer is provided for maintenance, you’ll only have to wear it at night. If your teeth seem to be shifting quickly, even during the day, your Singapore dentist may recommend wearing the retainer all day and all night for a while, except when you’re eating. The goal is to solidify your teeth in their new positions.

How Long Do I Have to Wear a Retainer?

Your dentist in Singapore may recommend that you wear the retainer for several months, a year, or longer. Many dentists prefer that their patients wear the retainer every night for at least one year, and then periodically for the next few years. The length of time depends on your situation and the movement of your teeth.

Retainers and Overall Oral Health

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