Invisalign and Braces: What is Braces Treatment?

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Braces or Orthodontics is the process by which misaligned teeth are straightened and corrected. It is normally done in children though more and more adults are also getting their braces done.

Why Braces?

Teeth that are crowded or too widely spaced creates an unsightly smile. It is also difficult to brush and keep clean. Some patients develop unhealthy conditions, including swollen gums, infection, bone loss and decay. Braces straightens your teeth and mouth and can correct your bite.

Advantages of braces include:

  • Healthier Gums
  • Reduced Tooth Decay
  • Improved Chewing and Speech
  • Lower Risk of Trauma and Abnormal Wear
  • Normal Growth and Development
  • Normal Swallowing Patterns
  • Better Jaw Joint Function
  • Reduction of Headaches, Migranes, Oral Facial and Neck Pain

How does it work?

Fine wires attached to tiny brackets that are bonded to the teeth apply gentle pressure and guide the teeth into the right position. Fine elastics are also used to provide additional movement.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-molded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually re-position your teeth into a smile you'll be proud of.

Why people prefer Invisalign

The convenience and ease of use of the Invisalign system have made it the choice of over half a million people. In fact, Invisalign has been effective in giving hundreds of thousands of people amazing new smiles.

No unsightly metal bands and wires.

No metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth, and best of all, most people won't notice you're wearing braces. Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces, has been chosen by over 500,000 people who want amazing smiles.

Easier Cleanings

Unlike traditional orthodontics or braces, Invisalign has no metal bands or wires to trap food and plaque. Maintaining a good oral hygiene program will also reduce chances of plaque buildup, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

No Braces. Nothing to hold you back.

Research has proven that Invisalign is effective at straightening teeth. Our doctors are trained and accredited to treat using Invisalign so call us for a chat and start smiling more.

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