A recent story from the Examiner UK broke the news of a woman who attempted an at-home whitening procedure, with help from a man who was not a dentist. The procedure left the woman with weeping ulcers and severe pain in her mouth. The incident has prompted Singapore dentists and other dentists around the world to warn people about the dangers of accepting cheap dental care from individuals without proper training, equipment, or registration.

A Tempting Ad

The woman and her partner, living in the United Kingdom, became interested in an ad for an at-home teeth whitening procedure. Supposedly provided by Mobile Teeth Whitening Yorkshire, the Facebook page for the business promoted a one-hour procedure that cost just £54. There were 9,000 followers listed for the Facebook page, so the woman assumed the business was legitimate.

A Low Price

Lured by the attractively low price, the woman and her partner decided to try the procedure. They contacted James Willis, the man running the Mobile Teeth Whitening Yorkshire business. He came to their home in Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, and did the procedure in the woman’s living room.

The Procedure

Willis, age 35, put hydrogen peroxide on the teeth, claiming that it would remove stains. Next, he squirted blue gel onto the teeth from a syringe and let it harden. After that, Willis placed a mouth opener over the woman’s lips and began applying clear gel. He used a UV light to activate the gel.

The Painful Results

However, the woman began to feel severe pain and asked him to stop. He curtly answered that she wouldn’t get a refund for the £54. After the procedure, the woman continued to experience significant pain. The next morning, the woman awoke to open sores and blisters in her mouth.

Her lips swelled as well, adding to her discomfort. Her partner, who also had the procedure done, did not have open sores, but he suffered from tooth sensitivity so severe that he could barely eat.

The Case Against James Willis

The General Dental Council prosecuted the case against James Willis. In the United Kingdom, as well as in other civilised nations, only registered, trained dentists are allowed to perform dental procedures, including teeth whitening. The Kirklees magistrates returned a verdict of guilty on two separate charges of “practising as an unregistered dentist.” James Willis did not appear for the hearing, but he was required to pay £225 to the couple and to cover the court costs of £4,150.

Finding a Trusted Dental Clinic in Singapore

Medical treatments, including dental care, can be expensive. However, the desire to cut costs is no reason to choose illegal, potentially harmful procedures. If you have concerns about your dental health or your smile’s appearance, consult with a local Singapore dentist from a reputable dental clinic. At Orchard Scotts Dental, we are happy to advise our patients and work out a treatment plan that fits their needs and lifestyle. As always, our patients’ safety and health is our number one priority.

Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner 14 Sept 2017