According to a study conducted in 2012, 37% of people who meet you notice your smile first. Others notice your eyes first, then your smile next. In fact, studies have shown that people with attractive features and great smiles tend to have better success professionally and socially. That’s why it’s so important to give your teen or pre-teen the gift of a great smile. With Align Technology’s groundbreaking clear aligners technology, parents can get their teen’s teeth fixed; and in the U.S., the offer comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

The Problem with Braces

Whether they live in Singapore or elsewhere in the world, teenagers often struggle with accepting their appearance. Something about this changeful stage of life makes teens highly conscious of every flaw they have. In the United States, about 96 per cent of teens claim that they feel insecure about their appearance and dissatisfied with their smile. However, many teens are also reluctant to wear metal braces, especially during the school months. Kids with braces are often bullied or ridiculed, and they find it harder to be successful socially when they are self-conscious about their teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign is offering helpful options to help teens correct their smile without having to sport a lot of metal hardware in their mouths.

No More Wires and Brackets

Invisalign is supplying teens with new technology, an alternative to the traditional brackets and wires that rearrange teeth over time. Instead, teens can try out the Invisalign Teen clear aligners, which are much less noticeable yet very effective. With these clear, barely visible aligners, teens can get their teeth fixed gradually while still enjoying the benefits of a bracket-free smile. Instead of teasing or bullying because of their braces, teens are able to keep up appearances while improving their look.

New Guarantee Programme In The U.S.

According to Align Technology, teens can now try out the clear aligners for six months, and if they don’t like the progress they see, their dentist will switch them back to wires and brackets for no extra cost. Invisalign is so sure that parents will love the new tooth tech, they are willing to offer the switch to braces free of charge if anyone feels dissatisfied with the results. The guarantee program is currently available in a few cities in the United States, but for many parents, the very fact that it’s being offered indicates that Invisalign is very confident in the effectiveness of their new product.

Comparable Cost and Timeframe

Parents may wonder if the treatment is as effective of traditional braces. The results speak for themselves as teens experience life-changing adjustments to their teeth without the added stigma of braces. The Invisalign clear aligners cost approximately the same as regular braces, and they take about the same length of time to effect the desired changes. Basically, the cost and the timeframe remain comparable, while the teen enjoys having aligners that are removable and practically invisible.

Making a Change for Life

Are you looking for the best dentist in Singapore to correct your teeth or your teen’s teeth? You’ll find some of the best professionals in the business at Orchard Scotts Dental, a dental clinic in Singapore specialising in Invisalign treatment. Even though the Invisalign Teens Guarantee promotion isn’t available in Singapore yet, the clear aligners are here and ready to make a difference in your kid’s life. Don’t wait too long to schedule your teen’s first appointment at our dental clinic in Singapore, and we’ll get started on that smile makeover.

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