Do you know someone with a really wide smile? What is your opinion of that person? According to a story from the Telegraph UK, scientists recently discovered that an excessively wide smile can be perceived negatively by others.

Parameters and Scope of the Study

For the study, researchers collected a group of 802 volunteers. Next, they showed each volunteer a series of computer-generated faces. These 3D images each had a different type of smile, designed to include unique mouth angles and varying teeth visibility. Smiles were also tweaked to show different widths and levels of symmetry.

The Study Results

The research team discovered that people preferred smiles with mouth or lip angles of about 13-17 degrees. The width of the smile that participants liked best extended to between 32 and 62 percent of the distance between the pupils. Smiles that were symmetrical rather than crooked seemed more popular as well.

Dr. Nathaniel Helwig, who works at the University of Minnesota in the United States, explained, ” We found that a successful smile can be expressed via a variety of different spatiotemporal trajectories, involving an intricate balance of mouth angle, smile extent, and dental show combined with dynamic symmetry.”

Excessively wide smiles seemed to trigger suspicion in the participants. They viewed those smiles as too toothy and fake-looking. When the volunteers liked a smile, they referred to it as genuine or pleasant.
“These findings have broad applications in a variety of areas, such as facial reanimation surgery, rehabilitation, computer graphics, and psychology,” says Dr. Helwig.

Difference Between the Study and Real-Life Scenarios

Of course, the study is a little different from others that have previously been conducted, due to its use of solely computer-generated 3D faces. The results may be a bit skewed because of the overall inauthentic look of the face showed to the viewers. When people view real human faces, they also take into account a variety of additional factors, such as the other muscles of the face, the shape and expression of the eyes, and the overall body language of the individual. Those factors play a part in how the smile is interpreted.

Media personalities, actors, politicians, and other celebrities often practice their smiles so they can portray the right look to the public. Some people naturally have broad, genuine smiles that make other people smile, too. Others have smiles that seem fake, plastered in place, not coming from any real joy or friendliness. If you’re concerned about your smile, ask some friends how they view your natural grin and what might make it better. You can also talk to your local Singapore dentist about some ways to improve your smile.

Your Own Smile Makeover in Singapore

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Source: The Telegraph, 28 June 2017