Did you know that adjusting a few things about your smile can actually make you look younger? That’s the news according to The Telegraph, a UK publication. A recent article by journalist Annabel Jones reveals that “smile tweaking” is increasing in popularity as an anti-ageing technique. Discover some ways to “tweak” or totally make over your smile.

Laser Contouring

Do your gums come down too far over your teeth? Talk to your dentist about laser contouring. It’s a process that removes some of the excess so that your teeth are shown to the best advantage. Using a laser, your Singapore dentist carefully removes about a millimetre of the extra gum and crafts an arched shape to frame each tooth. There is very little pain involved, and the results are immediate and amazing.

Whitening Treatment

If your teeth are stained or discoloured for various reasons, check with your cosmetic dental clinic in Singapore to discover teeth whitening options. You can have your teeth whitened periodically at your dentist’s office, or you can buy whitening kits and do it yourself at home.

Dental Implants

Maybe your teeth are more or less straight and decently white, but you have a missing tooth. Sometimes teeth become diseased and must be extracted, or sometimes an accident causes one of them to be knocked out. If you have a visible gap in your teeth when you smile, it can really detract from your overall appearance. Talk to your Singapore dentist about a dental implant to close that gap. In order to make space for the implant, you may have to do a round of adjustment with Invisalign first.

Porcelain Veneers

There’s always the full-on smile makeover, starting with Invisalign trays to straighten the teeth and then moving on to veneers to cover imperfections and get that perfectly even, brilliantly white look. A variety of styles and hues of porcelain veneers are available, from bright white ones to more natural-looking ivories. Discuss your needs with your dentist in Singapore to determine which porcelain veneers might be right for you.

Smile Sculpting

Of course, the overall effect of your smile depends on more than your teeth. It also relates to the shape of your lips, jaw, and facial muscles. Sometimes, people who grind their teeth develop pronounced or rigid facial muscles around the jaw. A little Botox in the jaw relieves the hard look of those muscles, giving a softer look. Some Singapore dentists may offer these Botox treatments, or you can visit a professional who specialises in the use of Botox. Remember, the underlying cause of the teeth grinding needs to be addressed as well.

Arch Expansion

Expanding the upper arch of your mouth not only gives your teeth more space and relieves crowding— it can give you a broader smile as well. Invisalign is an ideal method for expanding the arch and giving a patient a wider smile.

Are you interested in one or more of these smile tweaks? Visit Orchard Scotts Dental to consult with an expert cosmetic dentist who cares about your health and well-being as well as your goals for your smile. Our team can offer you the services you need, from minor smile adjustments to a full smile makeover.

Source: Telegraph, 3 December, 2016