Showing off a great smile is just as important for athletes as it is for business leaders, models, or customer service professionals. Athletes and sports enthusiasts need a safe, convenient way to straighten their crooked teeth while still enjoying the activities that they love. That’s why getting Invisalign in Singapore is an ideal option for people who play sports or engage in athletic activities on a regular basis.

The Trouble with Braces

It’s possible to keep playing sports while wearing the wires and brackets that go along with traditional braces. However, some types of sports require players to wear a mouth guard to prevent severe or permanent damage to the teeth, lips, jaws, and other parts of the mouth. With the braces in the way, a regular mouth guard won’t fit. The player has to go back to their dentist in Singapore and get fitted for a special kind of mouth guard.

Playing Sports with Invisalign

For many sports, a mouth guard isn’t required. Invisalign trays enable players to enjoy those sports and flash smiles at the fans in the stands without feeling self-conscious. Even if a player falls down or gets hit on the head somehow, the Invisalign trays fit so snugly that they are not likely to pop out or cause any issues.

Some rougher sports have requirements for players that include wearing a mouth guard. Football, polo, hockey, rugby, and wrestling are just a few of these high-impact sports that require extra precautions against oral injury. If you play one of these sports, simply take out your clear aligners and stow them safely in their case before the game. Leave them at home to soak or put them in a secure spot during the game. With the aligners out, you can easily wear a standard mouth guard; no need to invest extra money or time in a specially designed mouth guard. After the game, brush your teeth and snap your aligner trays back into place.

Customising a Mouth Guard

If you really want to keep your aligners in while you’re playing sports, your dentist in Singapore can probably make you a custom mouth guard that will fit over the aligners. That should make it easier for you to play sports while still getting in your full 22 hours per day of wear for the aligners. Of course, the more you wear the aligners, the sooner you will see the results you want.

Other Advantages with Invisalign

One of the best things about Invisalign is its ability to help you pursue the lifestyle you want while giving you the smile you deserve to have. Whereas braces prevent you from enjoying certain foods, like popcorn or whole apples, the clear aligners are removable so that you can snack on whatever you like and brush and floss thoroughly afterward. The aligners can come out when you really need them to, and when they’re in, no one has to know, because they are basically invisible.

Claiming Your Future Smile

If the idea of Invisalign appeals to you, get in touch with us at Orchard Scotts Dental. We are a trusted dental clinic in Singapore that specialises in Invisalign treatment, and we can help you start your journey towards straighter, healthier teeth. Forget that mouth full of metal braces! Invisalign is the new way to achieve a show-stopping smile.

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