How important is your smile? Various studies over the decades have revealed different aspects of what humans look for in a great smile, and one recent study reveals that a beautiful smile may be more dependent on facial symmetry than experts realised.

Faces and Impressions

A study published in Plus One journal gained feedback from several hundred participants. First, the volunteers were shown a selection of faces, each with a slightly different expression. Then the research team recorded the participants’ reactions to each face.

The researchers found that people tend to rate smiles, not necessarily by sheer beauty or symmetry, but also by the emotional intent that they discerned. Was the smiling person happy? Did he or she seem genuine and friendly, or did the smile appear fake or distant?

The Perfect Smile

In addition, the volunteers seemed to prefer a medium-sized smile, with just the right combination of teeth exposure, mouth angle, and smile width. Wider grins or smiles that were angled up too far at the corners were not always deemed more successful or appealing.

Symmetry and Balance

Another key factor proved to be the shape of the face in which the smile appeared. A balanced, symmetrical face is a common standard of human beauty, and smiles in such faces were viewed more favourably.

Individuality and Asymmetry

Of course, beauty depends on personal taste. Some renowned beauties and handsome celebrities are considered beautiful because of asymmetries or features that make their faces more interesting. Emily Blunt, a British actress, has a chin with an off-center cleft— simply part of her charm. Actress Shannon Dougherty’s jawbone has quite different angles on each side. Ryan Gosling’s nose and smile are a bit crooked, and Meryl Streep’s nose and mouth are slightly offset in different directions. In some ways, the asymmetries are the very thing that set the person apart, making them memorable and interesting in a positive way.

Symmetrical Smile Makeovers in Singapore

The study of facial balance and symmetry is important to Singapore dentists and orthodontists. They are trained to be able to identify small changes in a person’s smile that will help to complement the natural balance of the face. That’s why your Singapore dentist can guide you towards a treatment that will result in a beautiful, natural-looking smile that is just right for you.

While you may not be able to alter the symmetry of your face, you can ensure that your smile is charmingly symmetrical. Talk to one of the skilled Singapore dentists at Orchard Scotts Dental. Your dentist will review your case, take some measurements and image of your mouth and teeth, and suggest a plan to achieve the smile you want.

As a respected Singapore Invisalign provider, our dental clinic is completely outfitted with up-to-date technology and our team has plenty of experience with all types of smile makeovers. Contact our office today to set up your first appointment and begin moving forward towards the symmetrical smile you want.