No one wants to knowingly cause damage to his or her teeth, especially if that damage can’t be reversed. If you already have a lovely natural smile, or a smile achieved with hard work thanks to braces or Invisalign, the last thing you want to do is stain it permanently.

Sparking Alcoholic Drinks

A variety of bubbly alcoholic drinks, such as Prosecco, may seem fairly harmless and fun to drink; but besides the typical results from overindulging in alcohol, these beverages can actually cause serious problems for your teeth. The carbonation, acid, and other substances in the drinks gradually wear away your enamel. Cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg explains, “When tooth enamel weakens in this way, demineralization has started to occur, which leaves your teeth’s dentin exposed and prone to sensitivity.”

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks or sodas are not only full of problematic sugars and acids, they also contain additive colorants. In combination, these ingredients are bad for your health, and they can cause serious staining along with the gradual deterioration of enamel.

Black Tea, Red Wine

Red wines and black tea contain even more dangerous elements that place the colour of your teeth at risk. According to prosthodontist Mazen Natour of New York City, the “heavy concentration of tannin, which is present in red wines and black tea,” places your teeth at much greater risk. Dark coffee, unmixed with milk, is similarly harmful. On the scale of beverages that pose a danger to tooth colour, these drinks are the most intense and risky.

Coloured Beverages and Invisalign Patients

For people who are currently correcting their smiles with Invisalign in Singapore, there is another possible issue. Dentists in Singapore and elsewhere often warn their patients about the risks of drinking coloured beverages while the aligners are in. Patients should never drink anything but water while their trays are in. Richly coloured drinks like tea, wine, or coffee can permanently stain the aligners, making them unsightly to wear. In addition, the aligners hold the sugars and acids closer to the teeth, making enamel degeneration quicker.

If you are undergoing a smile makeover with Invisalign, be sure that you pop your trays out and place them in a secure container before indulging in any drink besides water. Brush thoroughly before replacing the trays in your mouth.

Prevention Methods

If you do indulge in these drinks, try sipping through a straw instead of drinking from a glass or bottle. This minimises how much of the drink swirls around your teeth. You can also follow up a soft drink or alcoholic beverage by rinsing with some water or brushing your teeth. Eating a piece of cheddar cheese or a similar strong cheese is also helpful, since the alkali levels in the cheese combat the acid in the drink.

A Singapore Dentist for Damaged or Stained Teeth

Are you afraid that your beverage habits are placing your teeth at risk? Contact Orchard Scotts Dental, where a skilled cosmetic dentist can investigate your situation and assess any damage done to your enamel. With teeth whitening, lifestyle changes, and other treatments such as porcelain veneers, you can have a gleaming, healthy smile again.