Why do some people have naturally straight teeth or beautiful smiles and others do not? Why do some teeth develop crookedly, take on a pronounced tilt, or end up out of place? Take a look at some of the key reasons why many people have crooked teeth.

#1. Genetics

A significant factor in most cases of crooked teeth is genetics. If your parents and grandparents had decently shaped, relatively straight teeth, you and your siblings probably have good teeth as well. However, if your spouse or family member has a history of crooked teeth, rotated canines, crowding, or bite issues, your kids may struggle with some of those problems.

#2. Environment

Your environment can also cause changes in the way your mouth and teeth are formed. Some people have trouble breathing through the nose due to pollen, mould, dust, or other allergens. They become “mouth-breathers.” The muscles around the mouth are forced to repeatedly constrict and relax for mouth-breathers, and the teeth are gradually pushed inward. The jaws can grow narrower because of the extra pressure all day, every day, and that narrowing of the jaw leads to crowded, crooked teeth. People with tonsil problems or respiratory issues may also struggle with mouth-breathing.

#3. Habits

Especially in young children, a variety of habits can affect the development of the mouth, palate, arches, and teeth. Children who suck their thumbs or excessive use of pacifiers can affect the shape of their mouth by these habits. They may even affect the way their baby teeth grow and, to some extent, the way their future adult teeth will come in.

Even adults can develop habits that are detrimental to their smile. Leaning your face on your hand for hours while you sit in class or at work can eventually affect your jaw and teeth. Sleeping on your belly with your face pressed into the pillow can also cause issues. And of course there are habits such as smoking and excess coffee drinking that can stain the teeth and sour the breath, affecting the overall impression you make when you smile.

#4. Diet

Dentists are also beginning to discover how certain dietary habits can affect the health of teeth. It’s well-known that too much sugar, too much acid, or too many extra-hard foods can cause issues; but it turns out that food sensitivities or food allergies play a role as well. Some people may suffer from an inflamed nasal lining or swollen sinuses when exposed to particular foods, and that reaction can trigger mouth-breathing, which in turn leads to oral health complications.

Changing Your Future with a Smile Makeover

There’s no need for anyone to live with a problematic bite or crooked teeth. Thanks to Invisalign and other modern orthodontic technologies, you can get a complete smile makeover and enjoy the long-term benefits of a dazzling smile.

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Source: The Jewish Link, 3 Nov. 2016