How does it work?

The iTero Scanner creates a digital map which is then used to create 3-d images which the lab uses to create a model of your teeth for use with Invisalign aligners. This technology helps us to give you the most accurate orthodontic work available today.In the past, impressions of a patient’s teeth were often inaccurate, time consuming and uncomfortable. Large metal trays with liquid plaster were used to create a mold. Patients who experienced this were often left gagging and with goop in their teeth. The iTero scanner eliminates the need for any goop or trays and leave your mouth as clean as when the procedure begin. As we begin the process of scanning your mouth, our doctor and team will show you the images as they are taken on the monitor. After we have finished taking images of your entire mouth, we then create a 3-dimensional image using the digital system.

Did you know??

  • The I-tero Scan is not just digital scanner for invisalign.
  • It allows for fabrication of numerous types of dental restoration.
  • Eliminates the need for coating teeth.
  • Utilizes single use imaging shields for maximum infection control.
  • Allows for subgingival preparation designed for superior outcomes.


  • Faster turnaround time for Invisalign aligners
  • More accurate impression leads to better fitting aligner
  • Eliminates impression, the most un-liked procedure in ortho care
  • Patients feel the benefits of high-tech, chairside experience