Five Things you should know about INVISALIGN

  • You can keep all your teeth.Unlike conventional braces, teeth extraction is often not required with Invisalign. For overcrowded mouths, the tooth enamel only needs to be scled down to create spaces for movement.
  • Not all Invisalign providers are equal in expertise. There are different levels of Invisalign providers, namely, platinum provides and platinum elite providers. The latter are dentists who have collectively achieved a significant number of case submissions in a year. This effectively means that platinum elite providers have great knowledge and experience in invisalign treatment.
  • It is essential to feel comfortable with your invisalign provider. Request a complimentary consultation to get to know the dentist. This is important because the treatment will take about a year and it is imperative that you like the dentist and his team. During the consultation, you will learn more about the treatment process.
  • Your treatment time can be reduced. Technological advances like iTero digital scanner and Acceledent have allowed the invisalign treatment time to be reduced significantly. Not only does the iTero digital scanner remove the need for uncomfortable moulds, it can also reduce the turnaround time before you start wearing your aligner by three to four weeks. Acceledent is an advanced device that stimulates bone growth and can help reduce Invisalign wear time by half.
  • You can see results before you start. You get to view your own virtual treatment (clincheck) plan before you start the treatment, so you can see how your teeth will look at the end. This way, you can look forward to a stunning smile right from the very beginning!