Some people have nightmares about losing one or more of their teeth. For other people, that nightmare is a reality. Tooth loss can occur because of disease or through some type of accident or injury. If you have lost a tooth, you’re probably considering the options, trying to decide whether to choose a bridge, a removable denture, or a installing a dental implant. Today, dental implants are a popular choice, recommended by dentists in Singapore and around the world. Check out these four important facts to consider before you get your dental implants.

Fact 1. Dental implants do not damage nearby teeth.

If you opt for a bridge, your dentist will have to file down the teeth on either side of the gap. These teeth form the supports of the bridge, and they must be pared down to small posts. You’re basically sacrificing two healthy teeth to replace one or more missing ones. Many experienced dentists don’t like this kind of invasive procedure, so they suggest dental implants, which does not negatively affect the adjacent teeth in any way.

Fact 2. Dental implants look real.

Each dental implant is designed to mimic the tooth that it is replacing. It will have the same colouring, shape, symmetry, and size as the rest of your teeth. It will look as if it belongs in your mouth, and no one will know that it is artificial. if you plan to do teeth whitening before or after the insertion of your dental implant, talk to your Singapore dentist about how to ensure a total colour match.

Fact 3. Dental implants are durable and reliable.

Dental implants are made of a durable composite material that is made to last. They’re also more or less permanent. Instead of lasting up to 10 years, as a bridge would, dental implants are crafted with superior materials and made to last for 30, 40, or even 50 years. They cost more than other types of tooth replacements, but their longevity is worth the money. Plus, since they are permanently installed, you don’t have to worry about losing dental implants as you might with removable dentures.

Fact 4. Dental implants increase your confidence.

Since you’ve had the gap in your teeth, you may have felt self-conscious about smiling, laughing, or even speaking. You worry that people will notice the hole and judge you for it. Maybe you think that the gap makes you appear less attractive, less educated, and less professional. Once you have your dental implant in place, you won’t have those worries any more. In fact, your confidence level may improve dramatically. Suddenly you’ll be ready to smile wider, laugh louder, and speak more freely to those around you. With that increase in confidence, you may also enjoy new benefits in your personal and professional life.

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