Your safety and comfort is our priority.

At Orchard Scotts Dental, we will take care of you. Your safety and comfort are top our priority at all times, and because of this we make use of professional equipment along with controlled dental techniques to ensure you have a pleasant dental experience.


Infectious diseases spread through blood and body fluids like saliva. The first step for adequate infection control is to ensure that our patients do not come into contact with someone else’s body fluids – ever. For your safety, all our clinical staff members wear disposable safety masks, gloves and disposable scrub uniforms.

We sterilise all our instruments in a Melag Class B autoclave (steriliser) that surpasses standards recommended by the Ministry of Health. All of our tools are either medical-grade steel or titanium which can tolerate sterilisation under high pressure at 134° Celsius, ensuring they are clean at all times.


We understand that some patients may be apprehensive about treatment, that’s why we provide the following to make your dental experience a pleasant one.

Our digital X-Ray equipment reduces radiation by 75%, and we can identify problems early and safely, thus reducing treatment time and discomfort.

For your listening pleasure and comfort, we also provide wireless headsets. Especially great for people who have dental phobia.

Please feel free to help yourself at our beverage corner. We provide drinks like water, coffee and tea.

We have on-brand ‘Tempur’ neck pillows to ensure proper neck support during treatment. In addition, our dental chairs feature customised padding to provide more comfort during lengthy procedures or treatments.

We will keep you warm with our flannel blankets should you feel chilly during treatments.

To help you relax during lengthy procedures, please feel free to ask for our selection of essential oils. Let us know if you need anything else to be comfortable. You are welcome to let us know anytime if you need a pause during treatment.

Reimagine Your Smile

Your smile is a unique masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. We are passionate about helping you achieve the smile you’ve always desired.  Schedule a consultation with us today to embark on your journey to a perfect and healthy smile.

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