8-reasons-to-invisalign-with-orchard-scotts-dentalAfter sweeping through the United States and Europe and reaching 4 million users worldwide, Invisalign is here in Singapore! If you have ever thought about getting those crooked teeth straightened, now is the time! Here are 8 reasons to do Invisalign in Singapore with Orchard Scotts Dental, one of a well trusted aesthetic dental clinic in Singapore.

#1. Orchard Scotts Dental is the Flagship Clinic for Invisalign in Singapore

In 2014, Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign, appointed Orchard Scotts Dental (OSD) as the flagship clinic for Invisalign in Singapore. In the old seafaring days, the flagship was the one vessel in the fleet that was given the honour of carrying the admiral. It was usually the fastest and best ship, the one with the newest fittings and the best armaments. We’re honoured to be the flagship clinic for the revolutionary Invisalign system.

#2. We Have Diamond Status.

Thanks to our excellent work bringing Invisalign to Singapore, Align Technology has awarded Orchard Scotts Dental its prestigious Diamond Status.

#3. OSD Produces Beautiful, Natural Smiles.

Our work at Orchard Scotts Dental produces gorgeous, natural smiles. For each person, the smile will be a little different, but it will look amazing. We like to think of it as revealing your true smile— the real, beautiful smile that you were always meant to have.

#4. We have the iTera Intra-Oral Scanner.

Have you ever had a mould taken in a dentist’s office? Remember the uncomfortable, unwieldy trays filled with slick putty? You won’t have to endure that at Orchard Scotts Dental. We are one of the first dental clinics in Singapore to adapt the iTero intra-oral scanning technology. Making the aligners for your teeth is much simpler and more comfortable now.

#5. OSD Offers Referral Bonuses

When you refer other patients to our dental clinic in Singapore, you’ll receive rewards. You can eventually redeem those reward points for whitening gels and other products that benefit your oral health and improve your smile.

#6. We Offer Superb Value.

When you come to us, you’ll get two refinement treatments absolutely free. That’s right— it’s free. Just ask our helpful front desk receptionist about the program or talk to our dentist about those bonus services when you visit.

#7. OSD Provides Accelerated Treatment

Do you need to get those teeth straightened or teeth whitened in time for a special event? Maybe you’re getting married or gearing up for a big step in your career, and you want to look your best. We may be able to accelerate your treatment a bit, within reason. We’ll work with you to design, manage, and accelerate a treatment program in a safe, effective way.

#8. We Prefer Non-Extraction.

Have you heard about dentists who extract permanent teeth as a treatment method? We believe that the extraction of premolar teeth is a last resort. Over 90% of our patients enjoy effective treatment without any such extractions.

Changing your smile can change your life – so what are you waiting for? Contact Orchard Scotts Dental right now, and we’ll schedule a consultation and work with you to discover your true, beautiful smile!

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