A smile is the most notable and priceless thing you can wear anywhere, at any time. Any person can dress up to suit any event or occasion. Clothes can be customized and tailored to fit perfectly and flatter the subject. Shoes can be specially made to tackle the tasks at hand. Practically, every material aspect of a human being’s life can be enriched, elevated, and enhanced. Now visualize your smile being designed as well!

The reality is; a perfect smile can be created, reshaped, reconstructed, and remade to better match your aspirations and personal goals through a procedure known as a smile makeover. There are many cosmetic dentists in Singapore offering this kind of service. The secret is to only seek services from qualified and experienced ones, with past records showing that they provide safe and comprehensive aesthetic dental solutions patients.

In essence, what is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a bespoke plan involving a blend of cosmetic processes designed to give you a perfect smile. And since every person is different, every smile enhancement or makeover is usually unique, as well.

Who should consider a smile makeover?

Any person suffering from the following listed conditions can benefit from a smile makeover:

5 quick benefits of undergoing a smile makeover

Besides offering you a smile that you will certainly love, a smile makeover procedure guarantees the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced aesthetics – A smile makeover will successfully get rid of aesthetic flaws such as discolouration, crooked, or chipped teeth etc. Obviously, this will give you the perfect smile for your face and immensely improve your facial appearance.
  2. Better oral health – Besides the aesthetic and visual benefits, a smile makeover guarantees better oral health by resolving issues such as misaligned, widely spaced, chipped, or crooked teeth which if left uncorrected may lead to oral problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases etc.
  3.  Improved confidence – An enhanced smile improves your confidence. This is a great advantage, especially when it comes to professional and personal interactions.
  4. Younger appearance – Thanks to a smile makeover, your new and striking smile can make you look younger!
  5. Enjoy eating – An unpleasant smile technically translates to unhealthy teeth, which in some way, prove to be a big hindrance in eating. Apparently, a smile makeover can resolve your bite so that you can be in good a position to chew and eat effectively.  

Choosing a smile makeover dentist in Singapore

While many smile makeover dentists can restore teeth functionality, it usually takes extra artistic skills like the dentists at Orchard Scotts Dental to turn the restorations into a beautiful smile which complements your features. Your smile makeover specialist should be able to take into account your entire facial look as part of the artistic procedure of shaping your smile.

Just like in any medical procedure, it is important to pick a specialist who is well trained and familiar with the cosmetic dentist procedures.  Additionally, when choosing a smile makeover dentist in Singapore, ensure you request for before and after pictures of previous clients.

Smile makeover options

Besides correcting your smile line, tooth proportions, and other aesthetic aspects of your smile, the majority of smile makeover specialists look at the following when coming up with the combination of treatments for your makeover:

  1. Missing teeth

Besides being an oral health hazard,tooth gaps can greatly affect the overall appearance of your smile. A missing tooth not only increases the likelihood of tooth decay but also provides a space where neighboring teeth can easily shift – affecting your dental alignment over time. When helping you rectify that, a smile makeover specialist, will possibly recommend a dental bridge, dental implant, or partial denture to enhance your smile. 

  • Tooth shape

A smile makeover dentist is very keen on little details such as the tooth size and shape. Teeth can be shortened or lengthened to a more appropriate size using porcelain veneers or gum reduction.

  • Tooth color

The clarity and color of your teeth significantly affect your appearance. Having some sort of discoloration and stains on your teeth can be uncomfortable, even if you have flawlessly aligned teeth. Your smile makeover Singapore specialist can suggest a color shade which will perfectly match your complexion and carry out an in-office teeth whitening. Tooth color is also considered during makeover procedures such as veneers, dental crowns, porcelain, and composite bonding.

  • Face Shape

As teeth age, fall out or wear down, your face shape can disfigure as well – making you look older. A smile makeover dentist may suggest an oral maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics as part of the smile enhancement to fill out your face and cheeks, reviving a more youthful look.

  • Alignment

Smiles that are seriously misaligned will need to go through an orthodontic treatment or full mouth reconstruction prior to a smile makeover. Nonetheless, slightly misaligned teeth can be enhanced with smile makeover options such as clear braces like Invisalign or porcelain veneers. 

After treatment care for a smile makeover procedure

Regardless of the procedures used during your smile makeover operation, the lifespan of your new smile is practically entirely up to you. Although some tooth restorations call for an eventual replacement, you can extend their existence through daily flossing and brushing, as well as frequent dental visits.

Also, avoid chewing or gnawing hard food which can crack or chip your porcelain restorations or original teeth. In case you are one of those people who grind their teeth at night, remind the dentist to give you a night guard to protect your teeth. 

Cost of a smile makeover operation in Singapore

Is it realistic to put a price tag on an ever charming smile?

One of the best things about a smile makeover is the customizability the dentist is able to provide. Given your specific needs, budget, and facial features, the dentist is able to provide you with bespoke solutions that address your specific conditions and needs.

Well, as you might have guessed, the cost of a smile makeover, therefore, depends on the type of procedures and customizations involved. However, after the initial consultation, your dentist will be in a proper position to offer you a fitting plan and precise budget.

A tailored smile, designed with you in mind

Like we said, every person is different and that is why Orchard Scotts Dental strives to create bespoke smile makeover programs for patients. During your initial visit, we will keenly listen to your problem and what you would like rectified. And since we are extra cautious about our patients’ health, we will also discuss any health conditions that could hamper the process. When everything has been agreed upon, we will then create a smile that will highlight and compliment your best facial features.

Give us a call today on +65 6732 9939 and start your amazing journey towards a healthier and more dazzling smile or write us using our online contact form.