Perhaps your teeth are a couple shades too yellow for your liking. Maybe they bear stains from smoking, coffee, red wine, or other substances. Whatever the case may be, you’re interested in having your teeth whitened— but you want to be sure that no harm will be done to your teeth. Discover the current research about the effects of whitening on human teeth, drawn from a recent study conducted in Brazil.

The Research Team

The researchers who conducted this study worked in association with the School of Dentistry and Institute of Physics of UERJ, in Rio de Janeiro. Their plan was to “evaluate changes in calcium and phosphorus content in dental enamel when subjected to ‘in-office’ whitening for an extended time by using a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution, with and without calcium.”

The Test Subjects and Methods

To measure the effects of lengthy whitening sessions, the research team obtained 10 human teeth, without roots. They were stuck into epoxy resin and split into two groups: Group 1 and Group 2. The team whitened the Group 1 teeth using a solution without calcium. The second group had a solution with calcium.

Before the whitening treatment, the team evaluated several different aspects of the teeth. They conducted five bleaching sessions, checking those key points of the teeth after each phase and measuring the phosphorus and calcium concentrations of the teeth.

The Results of the Study

According to the carefully measured results, none of the teeth lost any statistically significant amount of phosphorus or calcium. In addition, there appeared to be no difference between Group 1 and Group 2, in spite of the use of different whitening solutions.

The Confirmation of Teeth Whitening Safety

Thanks to this study, dentists in Singapore and others throughout the world have proof of what they already knew— that the current method of in-office teeth whitening causes absolutely no loss of calcium and phosphorus. The teeth remain perfectly healthy and strong, even when subject to multiple sessions. Of course, a study with more sessions over a longer period of time could also be helpful; but for now, the science backs up the safety of modern teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth Whitening in Singapore

The only notable side effect of teeth whitening is a temporary one— sensitivity. Some patients experience no sensitivity at all, while others have a little sensitivity after the treatment. The feeling soon passes, however. As far as any changes in the enamel, dentin, or other components of the teeth, there is no concrete research to connect these types of effects to teeth whitening.

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Source: International Journal of Dentistry (2017)