Dentistry in 2018 - The Importance of Aesthetic Dentistry

In the old days, before humanity learned more about oral hygiene and overall health, there were no dentists. If a tooth became diseased and painful, people would go to the barber to have it pulled. Even in later decades, when dentistry became a respected science, the early practitioners were limited to cleaning off plaque, filling cavities, and pulling diseased teeth. However, modern dentistry involves much more that maintenance or the discarding of damaged teeth. Find out some of the key services that a modern aesthetic dentist in Singapore performs.

Encouraging Dental Hygiene

Whether a patient is teeth straightened or having a tooth replaced with a dental implant, the cosmetic dentist is there to encourage healthy hygiene habits. Good dental hygiene can prevent a broad range of health issues, including complications that affect the gut and the cardiovascular system; so the dentist’s role is key. At your local dental clinic in Singapore, you can learn to brush and floss correctly, and you can request information and support for improving your dental hygiene in other ways.

Correcting Bite Problems

A faulty bite isn’t just an inconvenience; it can lead to serious health issues. The misaligned bite affects a person’s ability to bite and chew their food properly, which can affect digestion. Often, the incorrect meeting points of the teeth cause pain and stress on the jaw bones and jaw joints. Perpetual headaches, tooth grinding, or TMJ can result, affecting a person’s quality of life. The modern dentist takes into account both the aesthetic and the health aspects of dentistry, using clear aligners like Invisalign, or other treatment options to correct a problematic bite and provide relief to the patient.

Creating Space in an Overcrowded Mouth

Overcrowding often creates little cracks and crevices that are very difficult to clean. The resulting buildup can threaten the health of the patient’s teeth, causing gum inflammation and cavities. With a system like Invisalign, along with traditional appliances, the aesthetic dentist can expand a patient’s palate and adjust the positioning of the teeth to create additional space. The person’s bite is better, cleaning becomes easier, and oral health improves as a result.

Treating Sleep Apnea and Headaches

These are not the services people expect coming from a dentist as we used to think dentists only solve issues directly affecting teeth and gums. This is not true for aesthetic dentists –
they also look at problems affecting other parts of the body that are caused by dental issues, for example, sleep apnea. For a sleep apnea patient, night time can be frightening. The patient may actually stop breathing in his sleep, which sends the body into panic mode and affects his ability to get the rest he needs. For some sleep apnea patients, their treatment team will include an aesthetic dentist, who can identify problems with the mouth or jaw that may be contributing to the condition.

Are you suffering from headaches, jaw pain, an uncomfortable bite, sleep apnea, or overcrowding of your teeth? For these and other dental problems, consult with a Singapore dentist from Orchard Scotts Dental. As a dental clinic that believes in non-invasive treatment options first, we have the technology and trained staff to address your health needs in the most comfortable way possible. You’ll finish your treatment with a more comfortable bite, a better quality of life, and a more attractive smile, too.

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