do-internet-videos-help-with-anxiety-about-dental-implant-surgeryIn some cases, a dental implant is necessary to fill a gap in your smile and give you a healthier and more comfortable bite. You may be nervous about the upcoming surgery, but you are not alone. You may feel that watching some videos and reading some literature about the process will demystify the operation and calm your fears. However, the type of information you use to inform yourself can have an unexpected effect on your anxiety levels, according to a 2016 research project related to dental implant surgery. The study measured participants’ responses before and after their surgeries in order to gauge how effective certain education methods were.

The Effects of Anxiety

Before surgery of any kind, people often develop anxiety. It’s a combination of nervousness, fear, and stress, brought on by the anticipation of a threatening or potentially risky situation. During a medical procedure such as a dental implant surgery, the patient is not in control— he or she is helpless and vulnerable, only relying on the dentist’s expertise. It’s a feeling that most people don’t enjoy and would rather avoid.

Fear of visiting the dentist, if uncontrolled, can lead to some serious health problems. The 2016 project, conducted at Bezmialem Vakif University in Istanbul, Turkey, mentions that people who are afraid of going to the dentist often suffer more decay issues and lose more teeth than those who aren’t anxious about it.

The Study Participants

For the project, the study leaders selected a group of sixty patients, 33 women and 27 men, all from different races and socioeconomic backgrounds. The individuals were separated into Group 1, Group 2, and a control group. Group 1 received verbal information about the dental implant procedure, along with specifics about the operation and recovery period. Group 2 received information verbally as well, including details of the operation and recovery; and this group also watched a movie about a real patient’s dental implant surgery. The control group received basic information about the procedure, but did not learn any details of the operational procedures or the recovery period.

The surgeon who gave the verbal information and the patients involved in the study were unaware of the fact that anxiety levels were being measured. Using the Spielberger’s State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, the researchers were able to evaluate each patient’s anxiety on a couple of different scales.

The Results of the Project

The study leaders discovered that the group that watched the dental implant surgery video was definitely much more anxious before the surgery. With this data in mind, it’s probably not a good idea to go online and watch videos of dental implant surgeries before your procedure. Instead, rely on your dentist’s verbal explanation and on written information if you’re curious about how the procedure works.

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