Getting your teeth fixed isn’t just a monetary commitment— it’s a time investment as well. For many people, one of the key considerations in choosing a smile makeover is the amount of time it’s going to take to achieve the result they want. So which method works faster— braces or Invisalign? Discover how various factors affect the success of each type of treatment.

Braces: Controlled by the Dentist

With braces, the dentist is the primary force at work, determining when things need to be adjusted or changed. The patient doesn’t really have a choice in how quickly the change progress; all he or she needs to do is endure the pain, abstain from certain foods and sports, and keep the braces clean.

This means that treatment with braces could possibly go more quickly than treatment with Invisalign. However, there are a number of other negative factors involved in that process. Braces are much more painful, both when they move the teeth and when they rub against the cheeks, lips, and tongue. Patients with braces cannot eat certain foods, play certain sports, or play wind instruments. They have to deal with jokes and comments about their appearance, related to the look of the metal braces. For many people, these drawbacks outweigh the slight advantage of a shorter time frame.

Invisalign: Controlled by the Patient

As an Invisalign patient, you can take your trays out and put them back in anytime you like. The initial consultation and diagnosis still needs to be done by an experienced dentist but after that the responsibility of wearing the aligners is on the patient. You can eat any kind of food, play rigorous sports, perform on a wind instrument, and anything else you would normally do. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to experience a smile makeover while doing everything you enjoy.

Therefore, if you take the aligners out too often and leave them out for too long, you will slow down your treatment schedule. Your Invisalign provider in Singapore cannot give you your next set of trays until your teeth have successfully completed the current phase of treatment. So the speed of your treatment is really up to you, as the patient. You’re in charge, and you have to be conscientious about brushing, flossing, and wearing your trays for the recommended amount of time.

The Final Outcome

Patients who wear their aligners as recommended by their Singapore dentist should be able to finish their smile makeover within a similar time frame as patients wearing traditional braces. In some cases, the process may even take less time. Since the two methods are so different, and since each patient is different, it’s impossible to find hard facts and statistics to prove that one method is faster than the other.

Choosing Invisalign in Singapore

If you’re having trouble deciding on Invisalign or regular braces, talk to an expert dentist in Singapore at Orchard Scotts Dental. Our offices are comfortable and welcoming, and our team will take excellent care of you. We’ll provide you with detailed information and answers to all your questions so you can make the right choice for your own oral health.