Get To Know Invisalign For The Perfect Smile

All of us want our teeth to look brilliantly white and natural so that we can give a beautiful smile as well as feel confident about ourselves. However, there are countless individuals with inhibitions towards smiling or grinning heartily because they are apprehensive about revealing their misaligned or skewed dental structure. Although traditional treatment options are available in the form of metallic braces and ceramic veneers, most individuals stay away from opting for these orthodontic supports, and for good reasons. 

Conventional braces cause irritation, call for regular upkeep, puts restrictions on your favorite dishes, and most significantly, these are not appealing from an aesthetic perspective. 

However, an advanced option to traditional dental brackets-known as Invisalign is all the rage now and is readily available at our dedicated Invisalign dental clinic in Singapore. In our opinion, the best dentists in Singapore should always be looking for non-invasive alternatives first before looking towards more complex procedures. And so, let us explore the effectiveness of using Invisalign invisible aligners and analyse this orthodontic treatment process in threadbare so that you will have a fair idea before visiting an orthodontist. 

Invisalign: What Exactly Is It?

Before Invisalign caught the attention of the orthodontists, braces were invariably comprised of brackets and wires. The development and emergence of Invisalign completely revolutionized and changed the manner in which dentists and patients viewed braces. For the first time, an orthodontist could suggest a treatment mechanism for proper alignment of crooked teeth where one would wear a support without any complicated wires or brackets.

When getting Invisalign in Singapore, you will usually get a set of custom-built hardy and smooth plastic trays or aligners that can be straightaway fitted onto your upper or lower row of teeth. The best thing about Invisalign is that its presence cannot be detected easily as the transparency or translucency of the trays acts camouflages the same. Our aesthetic dental clinic in Singapore can design customized Invisalign braces for you that you need to put on for at least a fortnight and thereafter replace these with a new set of trays.

Invisalign Vis-à-vis Traditional Braces

At Orchard Scotts Dental, our services are guided by three core principles:

  1. Aesthetic dentistry
  2. Non-invasive treatments
  3. Minimal tooth extraction

So, our dentists would recommend opting for Invisalign if your overcrowding, spacing or straightening problem is not acute. 

If your orthodontic misalignment is moderate, going for Invisalign certainly offers you some distinct advantages:

For a start, you’ll feel comfortable keeping them on your teeth in the long run after you’ve adjusted to the initial discomfiture.  You don’t have to worry about experiencing pain while taking your meals or suffering sores or abrasions while you open and close your jaws. 

Easily Removed and Reinserted
Then again, these advanced braces can be comfortably removed while brushing teeth or having meals rendering these highly flexible. 

Aesthetic Appeal 
Finally, since Invisalign is almost invisible, their aesthetic appeal is higher than conventional metallic, ceramic or lingual braces. 

Using Invisalign

Our dentists are capable of installing Invisalign in such a discreet manner that nobody will be able to make out that you’re wearing these for the purpose of teeth straightening enabling you to wear these clear aligners for the better part of the day or night and even when you’re sleeping. 

Depending on the severity of your issue, your Invisalign treatment process can be concluded in just about 20-22 weeks. You should plan to schedule a visit every 5-6 weeks following your first consultation. Invisalign can be worn by individuals of all age groups starting from teenagers to middle-aged or even older adults.

Talk To Our Dentists At Our Open Day

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