If you are considering getting a dental implant or two, you may be concerned about how the new, artificial tooth will look in your mouth. Will it stand out as brighter, whiter, or larger than your other teeth? Will people notice it? Discover how dentists in Singapore and around the world ensure that your dental implant fits beautifully and seamlessly into your smile.

The Unique Qualities of Teeth

Every person has a unique set of teeth. The shape, the placement, the depth of the roots, the form of the jawbones and facial bones— it’s all special. Each person’s teeth show wear differently as well. Your teeth bear the marks of your lifetime. One person may have slight staining from drinking black coffee or from smoking regularly.

Another may have a chip in one tooth from when she fell off her bicycle as a child. Another person may have lost a tooth during a sports game, or worn down his teeth from excessive grinding during sleep.

The uniqueness of teeth is what makes it possible for the police or coroner to identify a deceased person from dental records. With only the person’s teeth to work from, it is possible to establish that individual’s identity accurately. That specialness is also why it’s so important to ensure that your new artificial tooth fits perfectly into your smile.

The Customised Colour of a Dental Implant

When a dental implant is created for you, it is designed to look like your natural teeth. It has precisely the same colouring. If your teeth are ivory, the new tooth will match. If you have bright, white teeth, the implant crown will be just as white and brilliant.

The Matching Shape and Size of a Dental Implant

A dental implant matches the size and shape of your other teeth of the same type. For example, if you’re having a back molar on the upper left side replaced, it will be designed to match the one on the upper right side. If your front tooth is missing, your dentist will have its replacement customised to look like the original front tooth; or if the original tooth isn’t available, he’ll have it made to match your remaining front tooth. If your teeth are a bit larger or smaller than usual, your Singapore dentist will ensure that the new tooth looks as if it belongs with the rest.

The Fit and Angle of a Dental Implant

Your dentist considers more than the appearance of the custom-made implant. He also thinks about the way the new tooth will fit together with your other teeth when you talk or chew. How will its surface meet the surface of the tooth directly below it when you bite down? Your Singapore dentist takes impressions and scans to ensure that the implant will complement your bite, giving you a comfortable bite that doesn’t exert too much pressure on the other teeth.

Your dentist will also make sure that the root of the implant, which is usually a titanium screw, is precisely placed and correctly angled.

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