There is an expression that “you only have one chance to make a first impression” and few things in life are so true. This is especially the case in the professional setting when those we meet are looking to gain information about us in just a moment’s glance. For better or for worse, people often create an initial impression of someone new in as little as 100 milliseconds. How can we use this to our advantage and how can a Singapore Dentist such as Orchard Scott Dental help in this regard?

First Impressions

Whenever we meet someone, either in a personal or professional setting, we often notice the purely physical characteristics first; how they dress, their physical shape, their face, their cleanliness etc. These builds an impression about the background and health of the person based on our previous experience and personal biases. In addition, we may look at speech and body language. These may reveal other information, such as the education level or current mood of the person. What is important to remember is that first impressions can make or break our opportunity to create personal or business relationships with others in just a few seconds.

How Invisalign Can Help

Did you know that it is possible to use Invisalign to help with both the physical as well as body language? It’s true! One of the first things that people notice about our personal appearance is our teeth. While we can always lose weight, change clothes or change our expression, having a brilliant smile is something that may take months or even years to acquire. Having a healthy smile with straight teeth is something that cannot be easily fixed and traditionally, metal braces used to be the only effective solution to correct misaligned teeth.

The problem with metal braces is the way it makes a person looks while wearing it. While we may get the results we want after the entire treatment period, the journey to get there itself can be a confidence breaker and,in many cases, give a first impression that may not be that flattering. In some cultures, having braces is seen as part of childhood and may make adults seem much less mature or goofy if they are wearing them. Sadly, metal braces could make the mouth look worse before it looks better.

Using Invisalign solves both of these problems. Not only can Invisalign give you the flashing smile that you want to show the world, but it also allows you to do so without drawing attention to metal braces. In addition, when you have such a beautiful smile, you can’t help but want to show it off to the world, and why wouldn’t you? By our nature, we are drawn to people who smile more as we feel they are confident and friendly.

There is no substitute for a good first impression!

As a dental clinic in Singapore specialising in Invisalign, Orchard Scotts Dental can give you what you need to make a good first impression. Our experienced staff can talk to you to let you know what to expect as well as any options you may have available. We aren’t satisfied until you are, so please call us today and find out exactly what we can do for you!

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